War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0459 Chapter LVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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6. Division commanders will arrange the order of the ambulance, ordnance, and supply trains in their commands in accordance with Special Field Orders, Numbers 120, military division headquarters.

7. Major General J. A. Mower, commanding First Division, will detail from his command two regiments to act as rear guard to General Kilpatrick's train.

8. The train of these headquarters will follow the ordnance train of Third Division.

VIII. The Ninth Illinois Mounted Infantry, lieutenant-Colonel Hughes commanding, having been assigned tot he Seventeenth Army Corps, will report to Lieutenant Colonel D. T . Kirby, picket officer Seventeenth Army Cops, for instructions until further orders.

By command of Major General F. P. Blair:

C. CADLE, Jr.,

Assistant Adjutant-General.



White Hall. GA., November 14, 1864.

I. Captain William Hemstreet, Eighteenth Missouri Infantry, is hereby announced as judge- advocate of this division. he will be obeyed and respected accordingly.

II. This command will be prepared to march to- morrow at 8. 30 a. m. promptly.

Order of march: First, pioneer corps. Second, Second Brigade. Third, Third Brigade. One battery will follow the leading regiment of the Third Brigade. Colonel Tillson will march on of his regiments on the flank of the supply train. Fourth, ambulance corps. Fifth, ordnance train. Sixth, supply train. Seventh, first Brigade. Brigadier General J. W. Fuller will march two of his regiments in rear of General Kilpatrick's train, which will follow immediately in rear of this division. The division headquarters wagons will follow in rear of the leading brigade. Hereafter, unless otherwise specially ordered, one ambulance and one regimental wagon will follow behind each regiment, and two ambulances and one ordnance wagon to a regiment behind each brigade.

III. Each brigade commander will immediately organize a foraging party, which should consist of at least thirty enlisted men and two competent and discreet commissioned officers, who will be held to a strict responsibility for the conduct of their men. No raw drafted men will be detailed as foragers. Foraging will be conducted in accordance with Special Orders, nos. 119 and 120, headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi.

IV. There will be a rear guard to each regiment and brigade, who will arrest any soldier found straggling or out of his place without proper authority. In order to prevent straggling, company commanders will habitually march in rear of their companies, and any officer found guilty of allowing his men to straggle will be arrested and reported to these headquarters. The attention of all officers in this command is called to Special Orders, Nos. 119 and 120, headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi, and Special Orders, Numbers 281, headquarters Seventeenth army Corps, and a strict compliance with their requirements is enjoined.

By order of Major General Joseph A. Mower:


Lieutenant, Aide- de- Camp and Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.