War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0458 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

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the battery; all wagons will close on the battery- first, the First Brigade train; second, the Third Brigade train; third, the ordnance train; fourth, t he ambulance corps. The First Brigade will march its other regiments on either side of the train. The Third Brigade will follow in the same manner, but will have one regiment act as rear guard. By order of Brigadier General John M. Corse:


Captain and Assistant Adjutant-General.



White Hall, GA., November 14, 1864.

* * * *

III. Division commanders will prepare their commands for moving to- morrow morning The hour and route will be hereafter indicated.

IV. If there are any men int he command for whom arms cannot be obtained, they will be required to carry either an ax, pick, or shovel.

V. During the campaign about to commence the flanks of the army will be infested to a greater or less extent with bands of guerrillas, whose principal object will be to pick up stragglers. The most rigid measures therefore will be taken to prevent straggling. There will be a rear guard to each regiment, brigade, a d division, who will be instructed to arrest every soldier fund out of his place without authority, and men so arrested will be reported to their division commander for punishment. To a great extent straggling is the fault of the company commanders and can by them be prevented. in order to bring officers who neglect their duty in this respect to an account, division provost- marshals will ascertain the name of the company commander of each man arrested, and where it shall appear that any officer is in the habit of allowing his men to straggle his name will be reported to these headquarters.

* * * *

2. Division commanders will organize foraging parties by brigades, placing them under charge of competent and discreet officers. Commanders of forage parties must not permit their men to separate, but must keep them well in hand. Firing will not be permitted, except when in the presence of an enemy. Foraging will be conducted in accordance with General Sherman's Special order, Nos. 119 and 120 *

VI. Captain Patterson Sharp, Company D, Thirtieth Illinois Infantry Volunteers, is detached from his regiment and assigned to duty as corps ambulance officer and will forthwith report to Surg. J. H. Boucher, medical director Seventeenth Army Corps.

VII. The following are the orders for the movements to- morrow:

1. Brigadier General M. D. Leggett, commanding Third Division, will have the advance, moving promptly at 6. 30 o'clock.

2. Brigadier General G. A. Smith, commanding Fourth Division, will follow the Third Division, moving at 7. 30 o'clock.

3. Major General J. A. Mower, commanding First Division, will follow the Fourth Division, moving at 8. 30 o'clock.

4. Major A. C. Waterhouse, commanding Artillery Brigade, will sign a battery to each division, to move with it as the division commander may direct.

5. Lieutenant Colonel E. M. Joel, chief quartermaster, will divide the corps supply trains among the divisions for the movement.


*See VOL. XXXIX, Part III, pp. 701, 714.