War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0454 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

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White Hall, GA., November 14, 1864.

I. The habitual order of march whenever the corps moves none column will be as follows: Advance guard- first, advance guard, composed of one brigade of infantry of the leading division, one light battery of artillery (without caissons, battery wagons, forge, &c.), to be supported by one regiment of the advance guard; column- second, the remaining troops of the leading division; third, division of infantry; ; fourth, batteries of Artillery Brigade, to be supported by one regiment of infantry detailed from the division second in column; fifth, division of infantry; sixth, one or two brigades of the rear division; rear- seventh, the remaining brigade of the last division, with one section of light artillery (without caissons, &c.), to take its place in column near the center of brigade. The caissons and other carriages of the artillery with the advance and rear guard will march with the Artillery Brigade. The ordnance train will be so distributed that each regiment of infantry will be followed by one wagon of ammunition, except the regiments of the advance and rear guards, whose reserve ammunition will be disposed of by respective division commanders. The reserve artillery ordnance will fall in behind the brigade of artillery preceding the division third in column. one ambulance will follow each regiment and brigade. The remaining ambulances will be distributed equally for and will follow their respective divisions. The supply train of each division will be apportioned to the brigades, and will allow in rear of same. The advance and rear guards must, however, remain unencumbered with their trains, and respective division commanders will assign them to suitable positions in column. The regimental wagons will follow their respective regiments in rear of ambulance. Headquarters train Fifteenth Army Corps will follow the leading division and in front of its headquarters train. Under these orders the column will necessarily be very long, and it becomes an imperative necessity that all commanding officers take such steps as will secure the most rapid progress. The favorite practice of halting to repair damages in case of accident by wagon- masters and teamsters (thus delaying the column) must be discontinued. Any wagons stopping for the purpose indicated must be drawn one side, necessarily losing their right of place, and will therefore fall in rear of the column. All officers and employed of the quartermaster's department will be constantly with their trains unless otherwise detailed. Division commanders will detail sufficient guards to protect and assist the trains on the march. These guards must be controlled permanently by their officers, and march soldier- like one their side of the column or in squads, as circumstances require. officers permitting their men to lay away their arms or straggle will be reported for summary punishment. it will be the particular province of the respective division officers of the day, with the assistance of brigade officers of the day, to give their untiring energies to the preservation of order and progress of the column. Division commanders are requested to make their orders of march with a view to rapid and sudden deployments whenever such may become necessary.

* * * *

III. The command will move to- morrow from its present camp toward Rough and Ready as follows: First Division at 6. 30 a. m., Second Division at 8 a. m., Artillery Brigade at 9. 15 a. m., Third Division at 9. 30 a. m. Fourth Division at 11 a. m.