War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0342 Chapter LVI. OPERATIONS IN N. C., GA., AND FLA.

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cember, 1864, so much of said time as the regiment was under my command, it having been under the command of Major J. E. Brant, of the Eighty-fifth Regiment Indiana Infantry, from the time required by report to that date:

I assumed command of the regiment November 11, 1864; it was then encamped within the lines at Atlanta, doing only picket and fatigue duty. The regiment remained there preparing for a campaign until November 15, 1864, when, pursuant to orders, it moved, with the brigade, upon the Decatur road at 9 a. m. The march was hindered by wagon trains, and without making many miles were upon the march until 8 a. m. November 16, when stopped for breakfast, and was again upon the march, with the brigade, at 10 a. m., and camped about 8 p. m. that night. November 17, the regiment marched, with the brigade, at 5 a. m., the march impeded by the movements of the train, and moved on slowly, with long delays, until 3 a. m. December 18, 1864, when encamped under orders to move at 6 a. m. At that hour the regiment moved, with the brigade, through Social Circle nearly into Rutledge, when it stopped and destroyed a portion of the railroad, which it did also after passing Rutledge; then going into camp about five miles west of Madison. November 19, moved, with the brigade, at 5 a. m. about two miles, when the brigade stopped and destroyed railroad very expeditiously and effectively, so far as my regiment was concerned, to within a short distance of Madison, and then moved out upon the Milledgeville road four miles and encamped at 4. 30 p. m. November 20, marched, with the brigade, at 6 a. m., guarding wagon train, and camped about two miles north of Eatonton at dark. November 21, marched at 5 a. m. and encamped at 3 p. m. ten miles from Milledgeville. November 22, remained in camp until 4. 30 p. m., then moved with the brigade, guarding wagon train; delayed on the road until 3 a. m. November 23, when camped in Milledgeville. The regiment moved from its camp there November 24, at 6 a. m., with the brigade, across the Oconee, where it remained until 3 p. m., and then moved on slowly, impeded by the trai4. 30 a. m. November 25, when we stopped, and again marched at 7 a. m. with the brigade, marching to Buffalo Creek, where encamped at 3 p. m. November 26, marched at 8 a. m. with the brigade, and camped at Sandersville at 3 p. m. November 27, marched fourteen miles with the brigade, and camped at dark. November 28, marched with the brigade at 6 a. m., and camped in the afternoon at the Ogeechee River, where the brigade remained until 8 p. m., November 29, when the regiment crossed the Ogeechee one mile and encamped, remaining there guarding the rear of wagon trains until, at 8 p. m., it marched with the brigade through Louisville four miles, and encamped at 1 a. m. December 1.

December 1, marched with the brigade from camp at 3 p. m., guarding rear of train; moving about eight miles, when encamped at midnight. December 2, marched some fifteen miles with the brigade and camped at dark. December 3, moved with brigade about noon, guarding cavalry train, and went into camp 1 a. m. December 4. December 4, marched with the brigade eight miles, guarding cavalry train. December 5, marched about fifteen miles with the regiment deployed upon the train, guarding it, and camped about dark. December 6, marched with the brigade at 6 a. m., moving thirteen miles, and camped at 4. 30 p. m. eleven miles west of Springfield. December 7, marched at 8 a. m. and camped near Springfield at 4 p. m. December 8, moved with brigade, guarding trains, about noon, and made five miles at 10 p. m., when encamped. December 9, marched in advance of brigade and division