War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0323 Chapter LVI. THE SAVANNAH CAMPAIGN.

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reached Sandersville at noon; halted one hour for dinner; marched to Tennille, some three miles distant, at Station Numbers 13, on the Georgia Central Railroad; destroyed several miles of road toward Davisborough; encamped for the night in close proximity to the railroad. 27th, at 7 a. m. recommenced the destruction of the railroad and took up line of march at 2 p. m. for Davisborough, some twelve miles distant, which place we reached at 9 p. m. 28th, resumed the destruction of the railroad in vicinity of Davisborough, in conjunction with First Brigade of Second Division. While at work an assault e working parties by a detachment of Wheeler's cavalry, in which Private William Grouse, of Company H of this regiment, was wounded in the foot. Reached Davisborough about 8 p. m. ; bivouacked for the night. 29th, moved at 7 a. m. ; halted for dinner at Bartow Station, some thirteen miles from Davisborough; passed through Bethany, and bivouacked near the Ogeechee River, after a march of twenty-two miles. 30th, took up line of march at 9 a. m. in direction of Louisville; crossed the Ogeechee River about dusk; bivouacked near Louisville; marched about ten miles.

December 1, moved at 7 a. m., taking the advance; marched fifteen miles and bivouacked near Burke Camp-Ground. 2nd, moved at 7 a. m. ; marched some fifteen miles; crossed Buck Head Creek and bivouacked for the night. 3rd, took up line of march at 12 m. ; crossed the Augusta and Waynesborough Railroad three miles north of Millen; marched some ten miles and bivouacked at 4 a. m. 4th, broke camp at 7 a. m., being the advance guard of the division. Marched but six miles, owing to the destruction of a dam by the enemy, which flooded the road. 5th, started at 10 a. m. ; Companies K and f were detailed as a rear guard. After crossing the north branch of the Little Ogeechee these two companies were ordered to destroy, by fire, the saw-mill and bridge and break them dam. after the same had been opened and the road flooded, three foraging teams came in sight on the other side of the road. The men were ordered to cross the burning bridge, which they did, and succeeded in backing the flames and brought the teams and horses across in safety. Halted for dinner at the Little Ogeechee; passed the First Division, and bivouacked for the night, after a march of fifteen miles. 6th, broke camp at 8 a. m. ; marched this day but eight miles, owing to the obstructions placed across the road by the enemy. 7th, moved at 7 a. m. ; marched to Springfield, fourteen miles. Regiment on picket, in connection with the One hundred and forty-ninth New York volunteers. 8th, took up line of march at 7 a. m. ; passed through Springfield; encamped at 4 p. m., having marched fourteen miles. 9th, marched at 8 a. m. ; halted at Monteith Swamp for dinner. At this point a brigade of the First Division encountered the enemy. After handsomely repulsing them the Second Division was ordered to encamp about 5 p. m. 10th, moved at 9 a. m. ; crossed the Savannah and Charleston Railroad, which had been destroyed by the First Division; bivouacked on the main road to and within five miles of Savannah. 11th, the brigade was ordered to break camp at 8 a. am., and move on a road to the left and toward the Savannah River to feel the enemy's lines; passed the Forty-sixth Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers, First Division, Second [First] Brigade, doing picket duty and in close proximity to the enemy's line. After a slight skirmish with the enemy by the One hundred and thirty-seventh and One hundred and second New York Regiments, in which they drove the enemy into their works, we took our position in a ditch made to drain the road and which served as good earth-works for the men, the Twenty-ninth being the fourth in line from the left of the brigade and within 300 yards of the enemy's works.