War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0313 Chapter LVI. THE SAVANNAH CAMPAIGN.

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bivouacked near Stone Mountain, having marched since the morning previous about fifteen miles. At 8 a. m. again moved forward about ten miles and bivouacked about 5 p. m. ; marched about fifteen miles and bivouacked near Gum Creek at 5 p. m. November 18, started at 5. 30 a. m. ; marched about twenty miles and bivouacked near Madison, Ga., at 5. 30 p. m. November 19, started about 5 a. m. ; marched about ten miles and bivouacked just beyond Buck Head and near the Appalachee River at 4 p. m. During the afternoon the regiment destroyed about 800 yards of railroad track on the Augusta railroad by tearing up the track and burning the ties. November 20, started at 7 a. m. ; left the line of the Augusta railroad; marched about fifteen miles and bivouacked at Denham's Factory at 5. 15 p. m. November 21, started at 7 a. m. ; marched about ten miles through a drenching rain-storm and bivouacked at Doctor Nesbit's plantation at 5. 30 p. m. November 22, stated at 6 a. m. ; about noon crossed the Oconee River, joined the main column, and entered Milledgeville a little after dark; marched across the river at Milledgeville and bivouacked about one mile beyond the city at 9 p. m., having made about fifteen miles during the day. November 23, the regiment went with the rest of the brigade in the afternoon for the purpose of destroying the railroad running to Gordon on the Macon railroad; worked until dark and returned to the camp, this regiment having thoroughly destroyed about three-quarters of a mile of the track. November 24, started at 7 a. m. ; marched about ten miles of the and bivouacked at 6 p. m. near Town Creek. November 25, started at 6. 30 a. m. ; marched abut six miles and bivouacked at 9 p. m. . just beyond Buffalo Creek. November 26, started at 5 a. m. ; passed through Sandersville, Ga., and reached Station 13, on the Macon and Savannah Railroad, about 4 p. m., having marched fifteen miles in all. The regiment was ordered to go into position in advance of the brigade, so as to guard against any attack which might be made by the enemy's cavalry upon the troops who were at work destroying the railroad. This order was obeyed, and the regiment remained in line until after dark, when it bivouacked with the rest of the brigade near Station 13. November 27, broke camp at 6. 30 a. m. ; continued the destruction of the railroad until about 2 p. m., when our march was continued. Arrived at Davisborough about 10 p. m., having marched about twelve miles during the day. Placed the regiment on picket pursuant to instructions received from the division field officer of the day. November 28, moved at 7 a. m. back to point on the railroad distant some seven miles to continue the destruction of the railroad. Commenced tearing up the track bout noon; after working a short time a portion of the troops so engaged were fired upon by small party of the enemy. I ordered the flank companies to cease work and deploy as skirmishers on both sides of the railroad, to guard the remainder of the regiment against any attack and allow them to continue the destruction of the road. In short time thereafter, pursuant to orders received from Colonel H. A. Barnum, commanding, I ceased work upon the railroad and marched back to join the main body of troops. This order I obeyed with much reluctance, as the destruction of the track was incomplete and many of the bridges, which were numerous along this portion of the railroad, were left undestroyed. As soon as trawn in we marched back to division and bivouacked at 8 p. m. November 29, started at 6 a. m. ; marched twenty miles and bivouacked at 6 p. m. November 30, started at 6 . m. ; marched about eight miles and bivouacked at 6 p. m. near Louisville.