War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0288 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

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the trains and stacked arms for dinner; remained here until the bridge was repaired, then crossed and went into camp for the night. 26th, moved at 8 a. m. in rear of the train; marched slowly until 1 p. m. ; arrived in Sandersville; halted for dinner, then moved to Station 13; took the railroad to the east, tore up about one miles and a half of track, then went into camp for the night at 6 p. m. ; marched thirteen miles. 27th, was called up at 1. 30 a. m. by alarm; remained in line two hours, then lay down again; marched at 8 a. m. ; commenced tearing up track; worked until noon; took dinner and lay quiet until 3 p. m., then marched rapidly; arrived in Davisborough at 9. 30 p. m. ; marched about thirteen miles. 28th, moved out on the railroad and tore up track until 5 p. m. ; marched back to Davisborough and camped near our old camp. 29th, moved at 7. 30; moved in a southeasterly direction until 7 p. m., and encamped for the night near Bostwick. 30th, marched at 7; crossed the Ogeechee River; marched about six miles and camped for the night.

December 1, moved at 8 a. m. ; marched until dark and camped; marched about nineteen miles. 2nd, marched at 6 a. m. ; moved briskly until 12 m. ; halted at-Creek for dinner; found the bridge destroyed and enemy on the other side. Twenty-ninth received orders to drive the enemy out of reach of the bridge and hold the ground; fell in, loaded, and moved across; moved about half a mile; came in contact with the enemy in small force; deployed three companies to the left of the road; deployed a line of skirmishers 500 yards to left of woods, the right resting in woods on right of road; also sent four companies, under command of Captain Jonas Schoonover, to cover two roads leading from main road; commenced firing and drove the enemy from their position; advanced steadily to a ridge in open field about one mile from the bridge; threw up some works and extended the line to connect with Captain Schoonover; here waited until the bridge was finished, then joined the brigade in the field and camped for the night. 3rd, moved at 10 a. m. and marched all day and night; made a distance of ten miles; camped near Millen, Ga. 4th, moved at 9 a. m. ; marched about three miles; halted for repairing of a bridge; moved again at 2. 30 p. m. ; arrived at Big Hose Creek, and halted for trains to pass; crossed at 8 and camped for the night. 5th, moved at 7 a. m. ; Twenty-ninth in charge of First and Third Brigade trains; moved fifteen miles and went into camp at 5 p. m. 6th, moved at 9; halted for supper at 6 p. m. ; then crossed a big swamp and camped for the night. 7th, marched at 7 a. m. ; Twenty-ninth assisted the trains; crossed Turkey Creek at dark; camped near Springfield. 8th, moved at 7 a. m. ; marched twelve miles and camped for the night. 9th, marched at 9 a. m. ; took dinner near Eden; went into camp for the night at Walthour [Monteith] Swamp. 10th, received orders to report to Colonel Jones, Second Brigade; joined Second Brigade and marched back to the train; Twenty-ninth took position on the same grounds where we got dinner on the 9th; sent a company forward about 600 yards for picket; moved at 12 m. ; Twenty-ninth took position in front of last 100 wagons; marched very briskly until 6 p. m. ; joined First Brigade and went into camp for the night. 11th, moved at 10 a. m. ; Twenty-ninth on right of First Brigade; moved to the Savannah River, with instructions to deploy a line connecting with Third Brigade on the right and extending to the river, with a heavy reserve at the river; found Colonel Barnumn's line rested on it, and took position in supporting distance of his left; followed his skirmishers in line of battle to a fence about 700 yards from the enemy's works; remained here until 4 p. m; joined the brigade, and moved to