War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0266 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

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of the road. But small forces of the enemy were met, and until our arrival before Savannah it was necessary for the regiment to take a position in line of battle but twice. The first time was near Sandersville, on November 25. We met the enemy late in the afternoon. The fighting (which was nothing more than skirmishing) was principally done by our advance cavalry. The Third Brigade was in advance and formed in line of battle. We encamped in line, and the next morning the Second Brigade took the advance, the Third Brigade following. The enemy made but very little opposition, and we had no difficulty in occupying Sandersville. From this place we moved to Tennille Station, Numbers 13, and destroyed about half a mile of the railroad. On the 27th we reached Davidsborough Station, on the Georgia Central Railroad, and early on the morning of the 28th commenced destroying the railroad. We destroyed about three miles of the road and at night went into camp at Station Numbers 11. The Third Brigade at this point wad detached from the corps for the purpose of guarding the corps train. On the 30th we crossed the Little Ogeechee several miles above the railroad, in consequence of the destruction of the bridge, and encamped near the east bank of the river.

We marched and crossed the Augusta branch railroad on the 3rd day of December, leaving Millen to our right. On the 5th our regiment was sent two miles from camp, with orders to destroy two mills. I destroyed the mills and returned to camp. From this time until the 9th considerable force in our front. They were in a strong position, had fortifications with two pieces of artillery, and their front and right was protected by a swamp. The Thirty-first Wisconsin and Sixty-first Ohio were thrown forward, and succeeded in passing through this swamp and attacked the enemy from the rear and right. The Eighty-second Ohio was thrown forward as a support, but before my regiment succeeded in passing through this swamp the Thirty-first Wisconsin and Sixty-first Ohio had attacked and routed the enemy. On the 10th, having reached Monteith, a station on the Savannah and Charleston Railroad, the Third Brigade was ordered to commence and effectually destroy as much of this road as possible. The Eighty-second Ohio Regiment destroyed about 300 yards of the road and also the station-house. The same day, having reached the enemy's lines in front of Savannah, the brigade took up a position, with three regiments in line of battle, with the Second Brigade on the right. My regiment was on the front line, connecting with the Thirty-first Wisconsin on the right and the One hundred and forty-third New York on the left. On the 11th the brigade was moved a short distance to the left, the regiments occupying the same positions the rear. On the 13th the brigade was moved about three miles to the rear, where a second or rear line was formed for the purpose of protecting the rear. The Eighty-second occupied the right of this line, my pickets connecting with those of the One hundred and forty-third New York on my left. My command occupied this position until the surrender of Savannah and its occupation by our forces. The regiment entered its present encampment on the 23rd of December, connecting on the right with the One hundred and forty-third New York and on the left with the Thirty-first Wisconsin.

During the campaign my command has captured 13 head of horses, 25 head of mules, 30 head of cattle, 150 head of hogs, 35 head of sheep, 200 pounds sugar, 4 tons fodder, 200 bushels of corn, 200 bushels of potatoes, 125 bushels of corn meal, 1,000 pounds of flour, 160 gallons of molasses, and chickens and turkey's innumerable.