War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0246 Chapter LVI. OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA.

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skirmish line through the town in line of battle. At 12 m. moved south to Tennille, having marched ten miles, destroyed half a mile of railroad, burning the ties and bending the rails, and went into camp at Tennille. November 27, marched at 7 a. m. along the south side of the railroad by a circuitous route, and reached Davidsborough Station at dusk, having marched eighteen miles. November 28, marched at 6 a. m. to tear up railroad; destroyed three miles of railroad, burning ties and twisting rails; also burned 1,000 new railroad ties; made eleven miles; procured 1,000 pounds fresh meat and 20 bushels of sweet potatoes; reached Spiers Stationed at dark; captured and turned over to brigade commissary 17 head of cattle; average weight, 300 pound. November 29, marched at 6. 30 a. m. ; tore up and destroyed one mile and a half of railroad, burned a large quantity of framed bridge timber, and got into camp at 7 p. m. ; then reported to General Jackson and went on picket with the regiment, holding the road on which we were to advance. Made eleven miles this day. November 30, marched at 9 a. m. up the Ogeechee River to Blake; s plantation; crossed on a repaired bridge; marched three miles, and encamped on a high plain near our wagon train and not far from Louiseville, having marched eleven miles.

December 2, marched at 8 a. m. ; made thirteen miles; procured 40 bushels sweet potatoes and 400 pounds fresh pork. December 2, marched at 7 a. m. ; barded ninety wagons and made eleven miles. December 3, marched at 6. 30 a. m. ; passed the pen where the rebels kept our prisoners; made sixteen miles toward Sylvania; obtained an abundance of sweet potatoes and pork-about 40 bushels sweet potatoes and 1,000 pounds fresh pork-and turned in to brigade commissary 24 head of cattle-average weight 275 pounds, dressed-100 pounds sugar, and 60 gallons of molasses. December 4, marched at 6 a. m. ; crossed Little Ogeechee River; made fifteen miles; foraging party from brigade, under command of Captain Cogswell, procured three wagon-loads of sweet potatoes, 150 pounds of bacon, and 17 head of cattle, average weight dressed, 250 pounds. December 5, ready to march at daylight; marched at 7 p. m. ; passed a very bad a swamp; made two miles and went into camp at 1 o'clock in the night; the men procured 40 bushels of sweet potatoes and 600 pounds fresh meat. December 6, marched at 9 a. m. ; made twelve mile; some bad swamps passed; got into camp at dark; men supplied themselves with sweet potatoes, 40 bushels, and 400 pounds fresh pork. December 7, marched at 7 a. m. ; very bad roads, helped fifty wagons through the swamp, and took out to the road a large number of felled trees; went into camp near Springfield, having marched eleven miles. December 8, marched at 7 a. m., leaving wagons and pack-mules at Springfield; made ten miles southwest and southeast, gaining but little; regiment procured plenty of sweet potatoes, 40 bushels, and 200 pounds of pork; men had all to march with we feet; roads bad, swamps flooding them. December 9, marched at 8 a. m. ; halted at 10 a. m. ; road obstructed by fallen trees and a rebel gun plowing down the road through the swamp; passed with the brigade around to the right of the road, through a bad swamp. The One hundred and fiftieth was at first ordered and deployed in third line of battle, in a rice swamp covered with water from one to three feet deep, then ordered to the left of the first line, adjoining the Third Wisconsin, then ordered farther to the left, through an almost impenetrable swamp and thicket, to give room between the One hundred and fiftieth and Third Wisconsin for the One hundred and seventh Regiment New York Volunteers. This regiment halted on this line, but seeing the other regiments advancing and the rebel running away, advanced to the fort.