War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0243 Chapter LVI. THE SAVANNAH CAMPAIGN.

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mand of Colonel N. M. Grane. After passing through the city we took position in the rebel breast-works fronting toward Decatur. Remained in camp until the morning of the 5th of September, when orders were received for this regiment to report to Colonel A. Beckwith, chief commissary of subsistence, in the city for duty. Remained on duty in the city, guarding subsistence and quartermaster's stores, until order to join the brigade on the 15th of November 15th of November preparatory to this campaign; joined the brigade and marched to Stone Mountain and camped for the night; resumed the march on the 16th and camped near Sheffield at 12 midnight. On the 17th marched twenty miles and camped for the night near Social Circle. On the 18th marched twenty miles; sent out two companies (D and K) foraging by direction from brigade headquarters, under command of Captain George W. Reid, with instructions to keep near the road and bring the stores gathered up to the road to be loaded into wagons, but not returning we afterward learned that Reid's company, comprising 27 enlisted men and 16 men belonging to Company D, had been captured near Social Circle; the whole number captured including the captain, was 44 men. Camped near Madison on the 18th. On the 19th broke camp at 6 a. m. and resumed the march, passing through Madison about noon; camped at 4 p. m. six miles east of Madison. November 20, broke camp at 9 a. m. ; marched eighteen miles; camped at 9 p. m. four miles north of Eatonton; rained quite hard during the night. Resumed the march on the 21st, at 7 a. m. ; found the roads very heavy and in some places almost impassable; rained very hard during the forenoon; passed through Eatonton about 11 a. m. ; camped for the night twelve miles from Milledgeville. November 22, found the air clear and cold; ground frozen. This regiment, with the brigade, moved in advance of the train and came up to the special of Georgia about 3 p. m. ; this regiment, with the Third Wisconsin Volunteers, was ordered to enter the city; we met with no opposition; marched to the square about camped; guards were at once stationed about all public works, arsenal, armory, &c., under direction of Colonel Hawley, Third Wisconsin Volunteers, and all Government property taken account of; remained here until the morning of the 24th of November, when march was resumed; crossed the Oconee River, camping for the night near Hebron Post-Office, having traveled fifteen miles. November 25, marched ten miles; camped six miles from Sandersville. On the 26th moved at 6 a. m. ; had proceeded but about two miles when skirmishing was heard ahead. The enemy was soon driven back and we passed on to Sandersville; having passed through the village this regiment was formed in line of battle on the right of the Second Massachusetts Volunteers; advanced but a short distance when the halt was sounded; returned to the village and resumed the march on another road; crossed the Macon and Savannah Railroad at Station Numbers 13; proceeded down the track about one mile and destroyed the track for some distance; went into camp near the station Resumed the march on the 27th instant, at 6 a. m. ; marched fifteen miles and camped near Davisborough. November 28, moved out on the railroad at 6 a. m. ; followed the track for two days, destroying both ties and rails. On the 30th left the railroad, moving up the Ogeechee River, on the south side, until near Louiseville, where we crossed the river and joined our train.

December 1, broke camp at 8 a. m. ; found the roads very bad, running through an almost impassable swamp; camped at midnight ten miles from where we started. December 2, broke camp at 6 a. m. ; camped at 11 p. m. in the woods. December 3, resumed the march at