War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0144 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

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No. 41. Report of Lieutenant Colonel Frederick J. Hurlbut, Fifty-seventh Illinois Infantry, commanding Third Brigade. HDQRS. THIRD Brigadier, FOURTH DIV., 15TH ARMY CORPS, Savannah, Ga., January 3, 1865.


On the 15th [November] arrived at Atlanta. Remained at this place a few hours; received some supplies and clothing, and then moved out four miles and a half and camped near East Point. On the 16th, 17th, and 18th passed through the towns of Rough and Ready, McDonough, and Jackson, and arrived at the Ocmulgee River on the morning of the 19th, morning unusual occurring. The First and Second Division were crossing. Here at Seventh Illinois Infantry Veteran Volunteers were ordered to be mounted, and they have succeeded in mounting 4 commissioned officers and 120 enlisted men. At daybreak on the 20th crossed the Ocmulgee. On the 21st passed Monticello and Hillsborough; on the 23rd passed Clinton, and on the 24th received Gordon at 12 m. Left camp at 6 a. M. the 25th, and, passing Irwinton, reached the Oconee River on the 26th at 11 a. M. The bridge being soon completed, the brigade was the first infantry that crossed the river at Ball's Ferry. Received orders on the 27th to move with two days' rations, and proceeded to the Central railroad at Deep Cut, and, in connection with the First Brigade, destroyed the road to Station No. 13, a distance of six miles; camped that night at Tennille, near General Sherman's headquarters. On the 28th broke camp at 5. 30 a. M., and marched to Peacock' Cross-Roads and camped on Little Ohoopee River. Moved at 5 a. M. on the 29th, the First Brigade in the advance, and joined the Second Brigade at 12 m., at cross-roads. 30th, moved at 5. 30 a. M., passing Summerville; camped on Scull's Creek.

December 2 and 3, remained in camp; the men cleaned up. An inspection of the command was held, and its condition was found as good as could be expected. The command moved at 6. 30 a. M. December 4, nothing usual occurring, and reached cross-roads, one mile from Jenk's Bridge, over the Ogeechee, on the 7th. At 5. 30 a. M. on the 8th the command proceeded forward with two days' rations in haversacks, accompanied by no more train than was necessary; crossed the Ogeechee River at 7, the Seventh Illinois in advance, Moved through Eden Station, and took the right-hand road in the direction of the Ogeechee Canal. Soon after some slight skirmishing took place, and the Seventh Illinois captured one rebel lieutenant and three privates. The road were obstructed by fallen timber in several places. At noon reached the canal at Dillon's Bridge, and found the bridge, which had been fired by the enemy in the morning, still burning. Two regiments of my command crossed the canal, remained a short time, and were ordered to recross, and the whole went into camp. The mounted portion of the Seventh Illinois, sent in advance, having proceeded to the cross-roads, encountered a rebel force of infantry intrenched. On skirmishing an hour, and finding the enemy well fortified, the mounted Seventh returned to the command, having one man wounded so severely it was impossible to remove him. He was captured by the enemy, but has since escaped. Remained in


*For portion of report (here omitted) relating to operations in North Georgia, see VOL. XXXIX, Part I, p. 782.