War of the Rebellion: Serial 092 Page 0042 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

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November 18. -At 10 a. M. marched through Covington; encamped for the night one mile south of Covington.

November 19. -Marched at 6. 30 a. M., passing through Sandtown; encamped for the night four miles south of Sandtown.

November 20. -Marched at 6. 30 a. M. on Covington and Eatonton road.

November 21. -Marched at 6 a. M., passing through Shady Dale; encamped for the night.

November 22. -Marched at 8 a. M. ; encamped for the night on Howell Cobb's farm.

November 23. -Marched at 6 a. M. ; arriving at Milledgeville, encamped for the night.

November 24. -Remained in position.

November 25. -Marched at 6 a. M., crossing the Ocone River and marching on the Milledgeville and Sandersville road; encamped on Giles' farm.

November 26. -Marched at 6 a. M. on Milledgeville and Sandersville road, passing through Sandersville, and encamped for the night.

November 27. -Marched at 6 a. M. on Fenn's Bridge road, and crossing the Ogeechee, encamped six miles southwest of Louisville.

November 28. -Marched at 6 a. M., building a bridge and crossing Rocky Comfort Creek; passed through Louisville and encamped for the night.

November 29. -Marched at 9 a. M. and took position across Little Rocky Comfort Creek, relieving a brigade of cavalry.

November 30. -Remained in position.

December 1. -Brigade marched on Waynesborough road; arriving at Buck Head Creek, encamped for the night.

December 2. -Marched at 6 a. M. on Waynesborough road five miles, turning south on Savannah road three miles; encamped for the night.

December 3. -Marched at 6 a. M. on Savannah road; turned east on by-road, marching to Thomas' Station, on Augusta and Savannah Railroad; halted for the night, tearing up one mile and three-quarters of road.

December 4. -Supported General Kilpatrick's cavalry in an engagement with rebel General Wheeler's cavalry, driving them beyond Waynesborough; marched from Waynesborough, on Augusta and Savannah Railroad, passing through Alexander; encamped for the night two miles south.

December 5. -Marched same course and road, encamping for the night on Beaver Dam Creek.

December 6. -Marched on same road all night.

December 7. -Formed line of battle; skirmished with the enemy all day.

December 8. -At 1 a. M. withdrew across Sister's Ferry bridge, on Little Ebenezer Creek. At 11 a. M. marched on by-road intersecting Augusta and Savannah road, eighteen miles northwest of Savannah; encamped for the night.

December 9. -Marched on Augusta and Savannah road and took position at Eleven-Mile Post to guard the rear against cavalry.

December 10. -Remained in position.

December 11. -Moved on by-road to Louisville road; took position to guard rear.

December 12 to 21. -Remained in position.

December 20. -The Twenty-third Missouri Volunteer Infantry was detached on fatigue duty at King's Bridge.