War of the Rebellion: Serial 090 Page 1027 Chapter LV. APPENDIX - CONFEDERATE.

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plate ---*). The enemy retired at night. On the 14th Anderson went away with Kershaw's division via Front Royal. The troops remained in camp on the 15th and 16th near Stephenson's. In the p. m. of the 17th Jackson's brigade of cavalry and Gordon's and Rodes' divisions marched to Bunker Hill, and on the 18th Jackson and Gordon went to Martinsburg, meeting the enemy's pickets at Big Spring and driving them through the town, three of the brigades going to the left and one (York's) to the right; made some captures, burned railroad bridges, and returned to Bunker Hill; Rodes returned to Stephenson's (see plate ---*). The enemy advanced by the Berryville road toward Winchester at 3 a. m. of the 19th, and Ramseur opposed their advance, having Johnson's and Jackson's cavalry on the right. Rodes came up at 10 a. m. and formed on Ramseur's left and Gordon arrived about noon and formed on Rodes' left. Wharton formed to the left and rear of Gordon across the Martinsburg road, on which he drove back several advances of the enemy's cavalry. The fighting was very heavy about noon, and all the enemy's advances were repulsed by our infantry and artillery with great slaughter. The enemy massed his cavalry at 1 p. m. to turn our left, but was repulsed in his attack. He renewed it at 4 p. m. and got in the rear of the left, when the whole line gave way and we retreated, about sundown, the enemy's cavalry following to Kernstown, where they were repulsed by Ramseur, who was in the rear. We retreated to Newtown, Gordon in front, and encamped about midnight (see plate ---*). The enemy had by official returns --- cavalry opposed to us.

On the 20th the army marched at daylight to Fisher's Hill and took position as in plate ---.+ General Rodes having been killed at Winchester, Ramseur was placed in command of Rodes' division and Brigadier General John Pegram took command of Early's division, which Ramseur had hitherto commanded. Fitz Lee's cavalry fell back to Front Royal.# One division of the enemy's cavalry came to near Strasburg. On the 21st we remained in our works as on the 20th. The enemy made some demonstrations in the a. m. with infantry on our right and center and cavalry on our left. Late in the p. m. they drove in our skirmish line on the Middle road and got possession of a wooded hill in our front, which they at once fortified (see plate --+). Wickham, in command of Fitz Lee's cavalry, fell back to Milford (see plate ---$). On the 22nd of September the enemy advanced a line of battle in our front at an early hour and engaged our skirmishers. At 9.30 a. m. they had them earnestly engaged in front of the center, and at 1 p. m. they advanced several lines of battle in front of Ramseur, but only drove in his skirmishers. At 4.30 p. m. they drove in the skirmishers in front of Gordon, and opened a lively artillery fire from the ridge between the railroad and the river. At the same time a corps of the enemy's infantry having made a detour through the woods at the foot of Little North Mountain, turned the flank of our cavalry on the left and compelled them to retreat in confusion, when it moved on toward the left flank of the infantry and rather beyond it.

About 5.30 p. m. an attempt was made to throw the whole line back and more to the left to meet the movement of the enemy; but the attack was so rapid and vigorous in flank and front that the whole left of the line gave way, thus admitting the enemy to the rear of the whole


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