War of the Rebellion: Serial 090 Page 1016 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.

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was kept up all day. Just before dark we made an attack with Gordon's brigade on the enemy's right flank and drove them from their lines and camp (see plate ---*). The right of the Second Corps formed a junction with the left of the Third on the right of the old turnpike (see plate ---*). On the 7th we fortified the advanced position we had captured, reconnoitered and found the enemy on the Germanna road, and skirmished with the enemy on our right (see plate ---*). Late in the evening the corps moved to the right to the previous position of the Third Corps, as the enemy had commenced moving to our right. On the 8th the corps marched to the vicinity of Spotsylvania Court-House (see plate ---+), skirmishing some with the enemy's flankers, their main body moving down the plank road toward Fredericksburg (see plate ---+). On the 9th the corps took a position between the Po and the Ny Rivers, which it fortified (see plate ---+), and skirmished some with the enemy. The Third Corps was on the left and the First Corps on the right of the Second (see plate ---#). On the 10th the enemy attacked our line in several places, and at 4 p. m. broke and carried a portion of it near the Harrison house, but we regained it. They continued to make great efforts to break the line in several places, but were repulsed (see plate ---#). The enemy fortified themselves with several lines in our front (see plate ---# for some of them). Late in the p. m. the enemy came to the Po bridge, beyond the Old Block House, and a few of them crossed. General Early, with the Third Corps, drove them back and beyond Waite's Shop (see plate ---#). There was fighting in front of the First Corps also. The 11th was comparatively quiet. The enemy showed three lines of battle in front of the Court-House. Wilcox's and Heth's divisions, of the Third Corps, were put on the right of the army, while Anderson's division was across the Po, on the left, fortifying. (See line of works on left on plate ---#).

On the morning of the 12th, at 4 a. m., the enemy massed in column of divisions, in front of the McCoull house, and made a furious attack upon the salient of our line there and captured it, taking 20 pieces of artillery that were just coming up to positions. The troops on the right of the point attacked were moved to the left and checked the enemy until re-enforcements came up, when a new line was taken and held (see plate ---#). The fighting was incessant from 4 a. m. until 1 p. m., when there was a lull for a short time, after which it was renewed until 4 p. m. We held the position which we had taken (see plate---#). Some attacks were made on the enemy by the right of the army. On the 13th some skirmishing and cannonading took place, but no attack. The lines of the corps were somewhat shortened during the day (see plate ---#). The enemy made an attack on --- brigade during the night, but was repulsed (see plate ---#). Skirmishing continued on the 14th, and the enemy made a feeble attack at 3 p. m., then moved during the night farther to our right, leaving no enemy in the immediate front of the left of our center. In the p. m. two brigades went out in front and drove the enemy still more to our right (see plate ---#). Nothing transpired but a few cannon shots on the 15th, and only some skirmishing and some shelling on the 16th, the enemy only fronting


* Plate LXXXIII, Map 2 of the Atlas.

+ Plate LXXXI, Map 1 of the Atlas.

# Plate LXXXIII, Map 3 of the Atlas.