War of the Rebellion: Serial 090 Page 0585 Chapter LV. THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY CAMPAIGN.

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Thursday, November 17.-Worked at battle of Cedar Creek; Robinson finished Southeast Virginia and worked on Franklin County, Pa. Oltmanns at small Virginia. Misty and rainy. Pegram moved up to Big Springs. Hinrichs called to see us.

Friday, November 18.-Spent day as yesterday. It rained and misted all day.

Saturday, November 19.-Drawing map of battle of Cedar Creek. Oltmanns copying map of Eastern Virginia. Robinson reducing Franklin County, Pa. It snowed in the morning and rained and misted until about noon.

Sunday, November 20.- * * * The day was chilly and misty. Captain Page came back from Richmond.

Monday, November 21.-All engaged as before. It rained and misted all day. Got orders at dark to go to-morrow with Major Harman to select camps for winter quarters for the troops in Augusta County.* * *

Tuesday, November 22.-We were up by 5 a.m. I took breakfast with Major Harman, and we were far on our way by sunrise. Colonel Allan accompanied us. We stopped a short time at Mrs. Grattan's, but pressed on and reached Major Harman's, near Staunton, by 4 p.m., forty-three miles. The air was very chilly and the ground in places white with snow. The enemy's cavalry, two divisions, encamped at Woodstock last night, and to-day it came on up as far as Rude's Hill. We marched three divisions of infantry down to meet them, Gordon's, Wharton's, and Grimes', from their camps three and four miles southwest of New Market. Grimes, Gordon, and Wharton in order. We took a line on the top of the hill --- on the left of the road --- on the right, and --- in reserve in the rear of the others. A regiment of cavalry and -- pieces of artillery. The enemy came boldly up to near the hill, when we opened on them and sent them back in great disorder, inflicting considerable loss. Our infantry skirmishers pursued to Hawkinstown and the cavalry to below Edenburg. A brigade of our cavalry pursued. All came back to the old camps at night. Marched twenty-five miles.

Wednesday, November 23.-Major Harman, Colonel Allan, and myself went toward Waynesborough to look for winter quarters for the troops. Colonel Allan soon found a camp for his ordnance train and left us, and we spent the day riding through woods, &c. We selected a set of camps near Fishersville and returned to Major Harman's by 5 p.m. The day was chilly. Rode thirty miles.

Thursday, November 24.-We rode toward Christian's Creek and selected some camps there if it should be desired to encamp some troops there. * * * The engineer troops passed through Staunton on their way to Lexington. The day was quite pleasant. Rode twenty miles.

Friday, November 25.-Started back to camp at 7 a.m. Stopped a few moments at Mr. Forrer's. Got to Harrisonburg by 12.30 p.m., where met Major Harman. We got to camp by 6 p.m., and reported to the general. We were very tried. The day was warm and pleasant. Cool late in the p.m. Cosby's brigade of cavalry passed me at Bridgewater on its way to Tennessee. Rode forty-three miles.

Saturday, November 26.-Spent day in my room working on map of battle of Cedar Creek. Robinson is reducing Cumberland County, Pa. Oltmanns copying Western Virginia. Day cool, and it rained in p.m. and at night. Rosser started.

Sunday, November 27.- * * * The day was chilly, though very pleasant in the a.m. General Early was considerably excited by habeas corpus writs for soldiers from Judge Thompson.