War of the Rebellion: Serial 090 Page 0583 Chapter LV. THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY CAMPAIGN.

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Wednesday, October 26.-Started for Staunton at 5 a.m., then went on to New Market on the stage. Found all quiet, save that the cavalry of Sheridan had been fighting Lomax at Milford, and he had repulsed all their attacks. Cool day. Some rain at night. Rosser's brigade went to Luray in the night.

Thursday, October 27.-Spent day in camp writing, correcting maps, &c. Pleasant. All quiet. The enemy's cavalry reported to have left our front. It began to rain about dark and rained most of the night.

Friday, October 28.-Spent day in camp making sketch of the battle of Rutherford's farm. All quiet. Papers abusing General Early roundly.

Saturday, October 29.-Making map of battle of Castleman's Ferry. Robinson copying Valley map and Oltmanns map of Georgia. Fine October day. Generals in consultation. A contention between Generals Gordon and Early about the battle of Cedar Creek, &c.

Sunday, October 30.-Went to church. Warm. Quiet.

Monday, October 31.-I rode to the division headquarters to get information for battle maps. Robinson copying Valley map and Oltmanns battle of Chattanooga. Sent to Engineer Bureau a map of Georgia. Cool day. Let William go home.

Tuesday, November 1.-Made map of battle of Berryville and position of army next day. We worked in a shop. All quiet. Quite cool. Robinson finished a copy of Valley map (sheet No. 1.), and began map of Southeastern Virginia for Enginer Bureau. Oltmanns copying battle of Chattanooga. General Early came to camp in the evening and chatted until quite late with Doctor McGuire and myself; an interesting dish of discourse. Forrer called.

Wednesday, November 2.-Employed as yesterday. It rained nearly all day. Quite cool and unpleasant. Fixed stove in my tent.

Thursday, November 3.-Engaged as yesterday, except I began a map of the battle of Belle Grove. It rained and misted all day.

Friday, November 4.-Engaged as yesterday, at Belle Grove, Chattanooga, and Southeastern Virginia. Some rain. Quite cool.

Saturday, November 5.-Ditto as to work. Windy and cool. Froze quite hard. Army filling up rapidly. Much in want of small-arms.

Sunday, November 6.- * * * Fine day. Bracing air.

Monday, November 7.-Engaged as before. It misted and rained most of the day. Captain Shorter came over in the evening.

Tuesday, November 8.-At same work. Oltmanns finished map of Chattanooga and began map of Virginia; fifteen miles to one inch. Fine day; showery.

Wednesday, November 9.-In the p.m. got orders from General Early to have the foot bridge over river at Mount Jackson repaired; so went and had Captain Hart go and see to it late in the p.m. Marching orders were issued at quite a late hour. It rained some; turned quite warm.

Thursday, November 10.-We marched down the Valley at sunrise, Kershaw in front, followed by Pegram, Grimes (who commands Rodes' division since Ramseur's death), Gordon, and Wharton. The artillery followed Kershaw. Two divisions encamped beyond Woodstock; the others this side. Headquarters on the Burner's Springs road, a mile from Woodstock. Marched twenty-two miles. The troops marched well. Rosser went to Fairview; Lomax to Front Royal. Fine day; mild in a.m., but chilly wind late in p.m.

Friday, November 11.-Marched at 6 a.m., Pegram in front, Kershaw in rear; rest as before, artillery third in order. Found enemy's pickets