War of the Rebellion: Serial 090 Page 0578 OPERATIONS IN N.VA., W.VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.

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Monday, October 3.-Spent the day in camp. Army quiet, save some skirmishing with Yankee cavalry along North River. It misted and rained during the day and rained hard at night. General Rosser came yesterday, and to-day reconnoitered the front. The enemy holds the line of North River. Sent map of Southeastern Virginia to General R. E. Lee.

Tuesday, October 4.-Spent the day in camp. Oltmanns went to Staunton. Robinson copied map of Valley. It cleared off and was a fine day. All quiet. Rosser's cavalry encamped near Staunton; came from Lynchburg and Richmond. The enemy burned barns, &c., at night.

Wednesday, October 5.-Spent the day in camp drawing-Robinson reducing Pennsylvania maps, Otlmanns copying Valley map. Gordon moved camp to vicinity of Naked Creek. Rosser moved to Landes' Mill, on road from Stone Church to Mossy Creek. Cars ran to Smith's to-day, two miles and a half from Staunton. We have rebuilt the bridges over South River and Christian's Creek. About two miles of track are to be railed. Enemy still near Harrisonburg. The general rode along the lines to-day. Fine day. Lieutenant Boyd dined with us.

Thursday, October 6.-The enemy left Harrisonburg last night. We followed early this morning [with] our cavalry. The infantry started at 11 a.m. Gordon, in front, went a mile beyond Harrisonburg. Kershaw, Pegram, Wharton, the artillery, and Ramseur followed. All encamped near Harrisonburg, all around it. Our headquarters about two miles southwest. Lomax went to Peale's Cross-Roads, Rosser to near Timberville. The enemy did a vast amount of damage in Rockingham. A good many Dunkers left the county and went with the Yankees. They burned some of the houses they deserted. Rosser fell on Averell's (Custer's) cavalry at Brock's Gap and routed it. A very fine day. I directed the repair of the telegraph line and put Chichester in charge of the party. Got it to Mount Crawford to-day. Cool in evening. It rained some.

Friday, October 7.-We moved on as far as New Market. Got there at an early hour. The troops came on in good time, Pegram in advance. He encamped near the river on the Timberville road and Wharton near him. Kershaw and the artillery on the Luray road, Gordon and Ramseur on the Forestville road. Headquarters near town. Dined at Doctor Strayer's. Our cavalry went to Stony Creek, driving the enemy's with loss. Quite cool.

Saturday, October 8.-We remained in camp. It hailed and snowed some and was quite windy and cold. Rosser on the Back road drove the enemy's cavalry to near Round Hill, encamping at Tom's Brook, and Lomax did the same on the pike. Worked some, but it was too cold to do much.

Sunday, October 9.-We spent the day in camp until about 4 p.m., when a stampede of the cavalry rushing back as far as New Market, and Ramseur and Kershaw were marched to Rude's Hill to meet any further advance of the enemy, but they only came to Mount Jackson. The Yanks moved on Rosser on the Back road, at Fisher's Hill, and drove him back, capturing 5 pieces of artillery and some wagons; then turned on Lomax, on the pike, and drove him to Mount Jackson, and took 3 pieces of artillery. Rosser rallied and drove the enemy back and established his pickets at Stony Creek. Lomax fought stubbornly at Woodstock. We came back to camp late in the evening. It was very chilly all day. Mr. Landstreet preached in the a.m.