War of the Rebellion: Serial 090 Page 0565 Chapter LV. THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY CAMPAIGN.

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Brigadier General JOHN PEGRAM.

Pegram's Brigade.


13th Virginia, Captain Felix Heiskell.

31st Virginia, LieutenantColonel J. S. Kerr McCutchen.

49th Virginia, Captain John G. Lobban.

52nd Virginia, Captain John M. Humphreys.

58th Virginia, Captain Leroy C. James.

Johnston's Brigade.

Brigadier General ROBERT D. JOHNSTON.

5th North Carolina, --- ---.

12th North Carolina, --- ---.

20th North Carolina, Colonel Thomas F. Toon.

23rd North Carolina, --- ---.

1st North Carolina Battalion Sharpshooters, Captain R. E. Wilson.

Godwin's Brigade.

6th North Carolina, --- ---.

21st North Carolina, --- ---.

54th North Carolina, --- ---.

57th North Carolina, --- ---.


Major General JOHN B. GORDON.

Evans' Brigade.

Brigadier General CLEMENT A. EVANS.

13th Georgia, --- ---.

26th Georgia, --- ---.

31st Georgia, --- ---.

38th Georgia, --- ---.

60th Georgia, --- ---.

61st Georgia, --- ---.

12th Georgia Battalion, --- ---.

Terry's Brigade.*

Brigadier General WILLIAM TERRY.

2nd Virginia,

4th Virginia,

5th Virginia,

27th Virginia,

33rd Virginia,

Colonel John H. S. Funk.

21st Virginia,

25th Virginia,

42nd Virginia,

44th Virginia,

48th Virginia,

50th Virginia,

Colonel Robert H. Dungan.

10th Virginia,

23rd Virginia,

37th Virginia,

LieutenantColonel Samuel H. Saunders.

Hays' Brigade.

5th Louisiana,

6th Louisiana,

7th Louisiana,

--- ---.

8th Louisiana, --- ---.

9th Louisiana, --- ---.

Stafford's Brigade.

1st Louisiana,

14th Louisiana,

--- ---.

2nd Lousiana, --- ---.

10th Louisiana,

15th Louisiana,

--- ---.


*Composed of the fragmentary remains of fourteen of the regiments of Edward Johnson's division, most of which was captured by the enemy May 12, 1864.