War of the Rebellion: Serial 090 Page 0138 OPERATIONS IN N.VA.,W.VA.,MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.

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Return of Casualties in the Union forces, &c.-Continued.


LieutenantJohn E. Morton, 1st Battery.

LieutenantP. Jordan Mitchell,1st Infantry.

LieutenantHenry B. Walton,12th Infantry.

LieutenantColonel Charles S. Bickmore,14th Infantry.

LieutenantJohn L. Hoyt,29th Infantry.


LieutenantMelville R. Small,6th Infantry.


Colonel Charles R. Lowell,jr.,2nd Cavalry.

Captain Rufus W. Smith,2nd Cavalry.

LieutenantLyman James,3rd Cavalry.

LieutenantAlbert L. Tilden,26th Infantry.

LieutenantGeorge F. Whitcomb,30th Infantry.


Captain Charles Shier,jr.,1st Cavalry.


LieutenantWilliam B. Ross,14th Infantry.

Major Lambert Boeman,15th Infantry.


LieutenantJohn G. Main,6th Cavalry.

Colonel J. Howard Kitching,6th Heavy Artillery.

Major Edward Jones,6th Heavy Artillery.

LieutenantWilliam J. Rasberry,6th Heavy Artillery.

LieutenantElias Fountain,6th Heavy Artillery.

Captain Orson Howard,9th Heavy Artillery.

LieutenantOrrin B. Carpenter,9th Heavy Artillery.

LieutenantJohn Oldswager,9th Heavy Artillery.

LieutenantHenry D. Vaughn,1st Battery.

LieutenantColonel Thomas H. Higinbotham,65th Infantry.

Captain Martin Lennon,77th Infantry.

LieutenantWilliam J. Tabor,77th Infantry.

LieutenantGilbert F. Thomas,77th Infantry.

LieutenantJohn W. Belding,77th Infantry.

Major John C. Smart,90th Infantry.

LieutenantThaddeus C. Ferris,90th Infantry.

Captain Daniel C. Knowlton,114th Infantry.

LieutenantIsaac Burch,114th Infantry.

LieutenantNorman M. Lewis, 114th Infantry.

LieutenantWilliam D. Thurber,114th Infantry.

Captain Jonathan Burrell,121st Infantry.

Captain John D. P. Douw,121st Infantry.

LieutenantWilliam H. Tucker,121st Infantry.

Major Jabez M. Brower,122nd Infantry.

LieutenantChristopher Larkin,156th Infantry.

LieutenantJohannes Lefever,156th Infantry.

Major Robert McD. Hart,159 Infantry.

LieutenantJulius A. Jones,176th Infantry.

LieutenantAugustus Phillips,184th Infantry.


LieutenantJohn W. Cartwright,34th Infantry.

Captain Wesley Devenney,110th Infantry.

Surg. Thomas J. Shannon,116th Infantry.

LieutenantThomas Kilburn,122nd Infantry.

LieutenantEdward R. Hilliard,122nd Infantry.


LieutenantJohn Edwin G. Minnich,47th Infantry.

LieutenantJoseph Peck,54th Infantry.

Captain David J. Taylor,61st Infantry.

LieutenantJohn Barrett,61st Infantry.

Captain Edgar M. Ruhl,87th Infantry.

LieutenantColonel John B. Kohler,98th Infantry.

Major James H. Coleman,102nd Infantry.

LieutenantSamuel W. Cloward,138th Infantry.

Captain Daniel Crum,139th Infantry.

LieutenantJames P. McKean,139th Infantry.


LieutenantCharles V. Scott, Battery G,1st Light Artillery.