War of the Rebellion: Serial 090 Page 0086 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.

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November 10.-Returned to Newtown.

November 11.-Marched to Front Royal on Winchester pike and established a camp at Perkins' Mill, since called Camp Russell.

November 12.-Moved out with the effective portion of the command to Nineveh, on the Front Royal pike. The enemy were here met, under the command of the rebel General McCausland. After a little sharp fighting the enemy fled in confusion, this brigade capturing 2 battle-flags and 2 pieces of artillery, 187 men, besides quite a number of small-arms, &c. After pursuing the enemy eight miles the command returned to Camp Russell.

The remainder of the mouth was chiefly spent in putting up comfortable quarters for the men, stables for the horses, and equipping the command. Little time has been allowed for drill or anything of the kind. Scouting and picket duty has been exceedingly heavy.

[December.]-The brigade was encamped at Camp Russell, on Front Royal road, about six miles from Winchester, Va. Scouting duties were not very heavy during the month; picket duty exceedingly heavy. The command broke camp on December 19.

December 22.-Battle of Liberty Mills fought. Returned from expedition and encamped at Camp Russell.

December 30.-Broke camp and marched to Camp Averell, Va., the place of present encampment.

Reserve Division.

August 1.-At 4 p. m. the enemy, under command of Generals McCausland and Bradley T. Johnson, attacked the command at Cumberland, under General Kelley. A fight ensued two miles east of town, on the Baltimore pike, lasting until 8 p. m. At 11 p. m. the enemy retreated toward Old Town, leaving his dead and wounded in our hands, and abandoning two caissons, several carriages, and a large quantity of ammunition. Our loss was 1 mortally and 1 slightly wounded; enemy's loss, 8 killed and 30 wounded.

August 2.-McCausland and Johnson attacked Colonel Stough, One hundred and fifty-third Ohio National Guard, at Green Spring Run. After a severe fight, in which the engine attached to the iron-clads was disabled by a shot through the boiler, Colonel Stough was compelled to surrender the block-house, with 5 officers and 77 men. In this fight we lost 2 killed and 3 wounded, with 10 missing; the enemy lost 20 to 25 killed and 40 to 50 wounded. The fight lasted six hours and a half. Our men who were taken prisoners were paroled. The enemy moved off toward Springfield, in Hampshire County, W. Va.

August 3.-Scouts report the enemy in camp at Springfield, reported to be awaiting re-enforcements for a renewed attack on Cumberland.

August 4.-McCausland and Johnson attacked the forces at New Creek, W. Va., under command of Colonel Stevenson, One hundred and fifty-fourth Ohio National Guard, and after a severe fight, lasting several hours, were driven off, leaving part of their wounded and dead in our hands. Our loss was 1 commissioned officer and 7 enlisted men killed and 29 enlisted men wounded and missing.

August 6.-General Averell's division of cavalry assigned to General Kelley's command. General Averell was directed to move from Bath, Morgan County, to Springfield, Hampshire County, in pursuit of the enemy retreating from New Creek.

August 7.-General Averell overtook the enemy at Oldfields, Hardy County; attacked and whipped him, capturing 27 commissioned officers