War of the Rebellion: Serial 089 Page 1399 Chapter LIV. ORGANIZATIONS MENTIONED.

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Troy's (Daniel S.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 60th Regiment.

Truax's (Silas J.) Heavy Artillery. See New York Troops, 16th Regiment.

Tucker's (James) Infantry. See Massachusetts Troops, 25th Regiment.

Tucker's (Julius M.) Infantry. See Massachusetts Troops, 57th Regiment.

Tully's (Redmond) Artillery. See Union Troops, Regulars,1st Regiment, Battery D.

Twitchell's (Adelbert B.) Artillery. See Maine Troops, 7th Battery.

Tyler's (Casper W.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 141st Regiment.

United Artillery. See Virginia Troops, Confederate.

Upham's (Charles L.) Infantry. See Connecticut Troops, 15th Regiment.

Utterback's (Addison W.) Artillery. See Brooke Artillery, ante.

Van Cleve's (Augustus A.) Infantry. See Michigan Troops, 20th Regiment.

Vandeventer's (Alexander S.) Infantry. See Virginia Troops, Confederate, 50th Regiment.

Vandevort's (David) Cavalry. See Union Troops, Colored, 1st Regiment.

Vande Wiele's (John B.) Heavy Artillery, See New York Troops, 4th Regiment.

Vane's (Frank) Cavalry. See Oneida Cavalry, ante.

Van Reed's (William E.) Artillery. See Union Troops, Regulars, 5th Regiment, Battery D.

Vaughan's (George) Infantry. See New York Troops, 92nd Regiment.

Vaughan's (Samuel K.) Infantry. See Wisconsin Troops, 19th Regiment.

Vawter's (Charles E.) Sharpshooters. See Virginia Troops, Confederate, 30th Battalion.

Vincent's (Nathan H.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 86th Regiment.

Vought's (Philip G.) Cavalry. See New York Troops, 12th Regiment.

Waddell's (James D.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 20th Regiment.

Waggaman's (Eugene) Infantry. See Louisiana Troops, 10th Regiment.

Wainwright's (John) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 97th Regiment.

Waite's (Charles) Infantry. See Michigan Troops, 27th Regiment.

Walcott's (Charles F.) Infantry. See Massachusetts Troops, 61st Regiment.

Walker's (Aldace F.) Heavy Artillery. See Vermont Troops, 1st Regiment.

Walker's (David N.) Artillery. See Otey Artillery, ante.

Walker's (Joseph) Infantry. See Palmetto Sharpshooters, ante.

Walker's (W. T.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 2nd Battalion.

Walkup's (Samuel H.) Infantry. See North Carolina Troops, Confederate, 48th Regiment.

Wallace's (Martin) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 23rd Regiment.

Wallace's (Samuel M.) Infantry. See Virginia Troops, Confederate, 4th Battalion, Reserves.

Waller's (Thomas) Cavalry. See Virginia Troops, Confederate, 9th Regiment.

Walrath's (Ezra L.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 115th Regiment.

Walsh's (James W.) Cavalry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Walter's (William F.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 205th Regiment.

Ward's (George) Artillery. See Madison Light Artillery, ante.

Ward's (Henry C.) Infantry.* See Union Troops, Colored, 9th and 41st Regiments.

Ward's (John E.) Infantry. See Connecticut Troops, 8th Regiment.

Waring's (J. Fred.) Cavalry. See Jeff. Davis Legion, ante.

Warner's (Clement E.) Infantry. See Wisconsin Troops, 36th Regiment.

Warren's (George W.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Warren's (Horatio N.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 142nd Regiment.

Washburn's (Francis) Cavalry. See Massachusetts Troops, 4th Regiment.

Washington Artillery. See South Carolina Troops.

Washington Artillery Battalion. See Louisiana Troops.

Watson's (Nathaniel P.) Sharpshooters. See Hall's Sharpshooters, ante.

Watts' (Alexander) Infantry. See New York Troops, 63rd Regiment.


*Temporarily commanding.