War of the Rebellion: Serial 089 Page 1370 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LIV.

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Organization of troops in the Department of Richmond, Lieutenant General Richard S. Ewell, C. S. Army, commanding, December 31, 1864.*

B. R. Johnson's Brigade.

Colonel JOHN M. HUGHS.

17th Tennessee, Colonel Horace Ready.

23rd Tennessee,

25th Tennessee, Captain Jonathan E. Spencer.

44th Tennessee,

63rd Tennessee, Captain A. A. Bair.

Barton's Brigade.


18th Georgia Battalion, Major William S. Basinger.

18th Virginia Battalion (Heavy Artillery), Major Mark B. Hardin.

25th Virginia Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Wyatt M. Elliott.

1st Virginia Reserves Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Richard T. W. Duke.

3rd Virginia Reserves Battalion, Major George Chrisman.

4th Virginia Reserves Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel M. Wallace.

Gary's Cavalry Brigade.


7th Georgia, Major John N. Davies.

7th South Carolina, Major Edward M. Boykin.

Hampton (South Carolina) Legion, Captain E. A. Thomas.

24th Virginia, Captain William M. McGruder.

Surry (Virginia) Light Artillery, Captain James D. Hankins.

First Brigade Virginia Reserves.

Brigadier General PATRICK T. MOORE.

1st Virginia Reserves, Colonel John B. Danforth.

2nd Virginia Reserves, Colonel Thomas J. Evans.

2nd Virginia Reserves Battalion (detachment), Lieutenant W. F. Catlett.

3rd Virginia Reserves Battalion (detachment), Captain Samuel McCune.

President's Guard, +Lieutenant J. R. Dickinson.

Provost Guard, Lieutenant T. P. A. Bibb.

C. S. Barracks, Lieutenant Benjamin Bates.

1st Invalid Battalion, + Captain John F. C. Potts.


Brigadier General GEORGE W. C. LEE.

2nd Regiment, Colonel D. E. Scruggs.

3rd Regiment, Colonel John McAnerney, jr.

1st Battalion, Major Thomas H. Ayres.

4th Battalion, Major Martin W. Curlin.

5th Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Philip J. Ennis.


*As shown by inspection reports of December 23-26. Organization of troops in the "Artillery Defenses" not indicated on original.


+The 1st Invalid Battalion, guard at C. S. Barracks, and President's Guard, are composed of disabled and convalescent men belonging to the active forces in the field.

>This organization is that of November 30, 1864.