War of the Rebellion: Serial 089 Page 1354 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LIV.

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Tabular report of heavy artillery in position serving with Army of Northern Virginia for defense of Richmond and Petersburg, on or near James River.

Battalion Company and commander Numbers of To-tal Caliber of

men Numbers guns

on of

rolls guns

9th Georgia Barnes' battery, a 123 5 Two 10-inch

Battalion, Captain William sea-coast

Major A. Barnes. mortars, one

Leyden 145 10 4.62 rifle

gun, one 32-pounder rif-le gun, one

Guess' battery, 10-pounder

Captain E. H. Guess. 109 7 Parrott gun,

one 8-inch

shell gun,

Wolihin's battery, 142 11 three 24-pounder

Captain A. M. siege guns,

Wolihin. three 12-pounder

126 7 field howit-zers, three


Peeples' battery, b boat

Total...... Captain T. M. 645 40 howitzers,

Peeples. twenty-five



Everett's battery, c

Captain W. S.



Drewry's Company A, *d Captain 27 .... Six 10-inch

Bluff, Holmes columbiads,

Captain J. two 8-inch

D. Simms, Company B, *d Captain 30 columbiads,

commanding Simms .... one 7-inch

post. Brooke

Company C, *d Lieute-nant Thurston 24 rifle, two

6-inch siege

Neblett Artillery, e 18 rifles,

Captain Coleman. 118 three 12-po-under h o w-

i t z e r s,

.... three 32-po-under

Dement's battery, 60 smooth-bores

Captain Dement

Total...... ..................... 259 ....


N a v a l Semmes f 47 3 Four 7-inch

b a t t e- Brooke

r i e s, Brooke, Lieutenant 100 4 rifles, two

Lieutenant Charles Borum 10-inch

W. L. columbiads,

Bradford, one 10-inch

C. S. Navy, B r o o k e

commanding. smoth-bore

..................... 147 7


Smith's One 7-inch

b a t t a- rifle, one

l i o n, 8-inch

Major rifle, six

Smith: 10-inch


Battery one 10-inch

Dantzler... Johnston Artillery, 141 4 mortar.

Captain B. J. Epes

Battery South Side Artillery, 126 2

Garland.... Captain J. W. Drewry

United Artillery, 87 3

Battery Captain Thomas

Wood....... Kevill

354 9



Chaffin's Lunenburg Artillery, 136 4 Twelve 10-inch colum-biads, four

Bluff, Lieutenant J. A. 8-inch

Lieutenant Laffoon columbiads,

Colonel R. 124 9 one 20-po-under

A. Pamunkey Artillery, Parrott,

Hardaway, Captain A. J. Jones three 64-po-under

temporarily 144 4 rifles, two

in command Goochland Artillery, 10-inch sea-coast

g Lieutenant J. mortars, one

Guerrant 81 3 5.82 rifle


James City Artillery,

Lieutenant L. T. 49 3


Howitzer company, 534 23

Total...... Lieutenant J. E.



a Commanded by Lieutenant G. A. Lofton.

b Commanded by Lieutenant W. J. Born.

c Commanded by Lieutenant W. R. Jackson.

d Colonel Terrett, commanding, absent on fifteen days' furlough.

e Captain Coleman, commanding Neblett [Artillery], belongs to Major Smith's battalion artillery; absent on furlough.

f There is at this battery a 3-inch rifled fort piece, but no regular detachment for it. It has been used to fire upon parties of the enemy to avoid using the great guns.

g Lieutenant-Colonel Maury and Major R. C. Taylor prisoners of war. Major A. L. Rogers absent sick.

*C. S. Marine Corps.