War of the Rebellion: Serial 089 Page 1352 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LIV.

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SCHEDULE B. - Hire of labor, teams, wagons, and drivers.

Labor. Quantity and Price.


1 Baling long forage Per 100 $0.90


2 Shelling and bagging corn, sacks Per 56 0.05

furnished by Government pounds

3 Hauling Per cwt., 0.08

per mile

4 Hauling grain Per bushel, 0.04

per mile

5 Hire of two-horse team, wagon, Per day 10.00

and driver, rations furnished by


6 Hire of same, rations furnished ---do--- 5.00

by Government

7 Hire of four-horse team, wagon, ---do--- 13.00

and driver, rations furnishes by


8 Hire of same, rations furnished ---do--- 6.50

by Government

9 Hire of six-horse team, wagon, ---do--- 16.00

and driver, rations furnished by


10 Hire of same, rations furnished ---do--- 8.00

by Government

11 Hire of laborer, rations ---do--- 5.00

furnished by owner

12 Hire of same, rations furnished ---do--- 2.50

by Government

13 Hire of same, rations and Per month 100.00

clothing furnished by owner

14 Hire of same, rations and ---do--- 75.00

clothing furnished by Government

15 Hire of teamster, rations ---do--- 75.00

furnished by Government

16 Hire of laborer, clothing and Per year 500.00

rations furnished by Government

17 Hire of ox-cart, team, and Per day 10.00

driver, rations furnished by


18 Hire of same, rations furnished ---do--- 5.00

by Government


Since the adoption of our schedules for the months of February, and March last the financial bills passed by Congress taxing the currency have seriously impaired the value of the old issues of Confederate Treasury notes. At this juncture large numbers of horses and mules were impressed and paid for in a currency which was a few days thereafter to be taxed 33 1/3 per cent.

The board of State commissioners having adjourned, and one of its members being out of the State, it could not be convened in time to review our schedule of prices. Under this state of facts we have re-examined and rearranged our tariff of prices, so far as we have been advised of recent impressments, proposing in this mode to remedy any diminution of valuation which may have resulted from the action of Congress upon the currency. Therefore, we assess the average value of artillery or wagon horses or mules impressed since the passage of the currency bill of the 17th February last at $600. This award will entitle each person to receive higher compensation accordingly as each horse or mule recently impressed may be considered as being a first, second, or third class artillery or wagon horse or mule, whether the parties appeal to our board or not, and the impressing officers and agents should forthwith call on all those persons of whom they impressed horses or mules and propose a settlement on the foregoing basis; but allowing to each person only such prices as first, second, or third class artillery or wagon horses or mules may have been estimated at by the local or county appraisers, assuming our average appraisement of $600 as a fair medium valuation. This, then, would allow a maximum price of $800 and a minimum price of $400, making $600 the average price, thus allowing more for first-class horses or mules, and proportionately less for the inferior, as they may fall below the grade of first class. The county appraisement will be the guide in making these settlements, but within the limits of our maximum price of $800 and our minimum price of $400. This plan, perhaps, would be most satisfactory to the people, for whatever price the county appraisers agreed upon should be deemed fair within the range of our minimum price of $400 and our maximum price of $800, payment of whatever amount awarded to be made in the new issues of Treasury notes.

The impressing officers in those instances where there were no arbitrators or local appraisements for horses or mules impressed should in all such cases themselves re-estimate the value of horses or mules thus impressed, and allow in each case such additional compensation as would, within the limits of our schedule rates, appear just and proper. But if, after this revaluation and settlement, any person should not be satisfied, the party could then appeal to our board and have the case reconsidered.