War of the Rebellion: Serial 089 Page 1200 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LIV.

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First Corps, Army of Northern Virginia (Lieutenant General J. Longstreet)- Majs. John W. Fairfax, Osman Latrobe. Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia (Lieutenant General J. A. Early)-Majs. J. H. New, R. W. Hunter. Third Corps, Army of Northern Virginia (Lieutenant General A. P. Hill)-Lieutenant Colonel W. H. Palmer; Majs. W. n. Starke, R. J. Wingate. Cavalry Corps, Army of Northern Virginia (Major General W. Hampton)- Majs. A. R. Venable, jr., George Freaner, H. B. McClellan.

Pickett's division, Majs. Charles Pickett, Walter Harrison; Kershaw's division, Majs. E. L. Costin,, James M. Goggin; Wilcox's division, Majs. J. A. Engelhard, L. H. Hunt; Early's division, Majs. R. R. Hutchinson, J. W. Daniel; Field's division, Major L Masters; Anderson's division (now under Mahone), Majs. Thomas S. Mills, R. P. Duncan; Heth's division, Majs. R. P. Duncan; Heth's division, Majs. R. H. Finney, H. H. Harrison; Gordon's division (formerly Ed. Johnson's), Majs. E. L. Moore, H. Kyd Douglas Rodes' division, Majs. H. A. Whiting, Greene Peyton; Hoke's division, Majs. J. L. Cross, J. M. Adams; M. C. butler's division (formerly Hampton's), Majs. T. G. Barker, John Preston; Lomax's division (formerly R. Ransom, jr.'s), Major Thomas Rowland, Captain J. T. Brown; B. R. Johnson's division, Capts. R. E. Foote, W. h. Whitner; Fitz. Lee's division, Majs. J. D. Ferguson, Thomas F. Bowie; W. H. F. Lee's division, Captain John M. Lee.

Steuart's brigade (formerly Barton's), Captain J. D. Darden; Hunton's brigade, Captain E. C. Fitzhugh; G. T. Anderson's brigade, Captain C. C. Hardwick; Echols' brigade, Captain W. R. Preston; Greg's brigade, Captain John W. Kerr; Gracie's brigade, Captain H. E. Jones; Benning's brigade, Captain S. J. Benning; Clingman's brigade, Captain Edward White; M. W. Ransom's brigade, Captain S. H. Gee; Colquitt's brigade, Captain G. G. Grattan; Martin's brigade, Captain C. G. Elliott; Law's brigade, Captain T. L. Christian; Wofford's brigade, Captain A. F. Woolley; Bryan's brigade, Captain James W. Walker; Sanders' brigade, Captain W. E. Winn; Harris' brigade, Captain James Hays; Finegan's brigade, Captain J. G. Spann; Scales' brigade, Captain R. B. Henderson; Archer's brigade, Captain R. M. Grinnell; Corse's brigade, Captain P. B. Hooe; Bratton's brigade, Captain A. C. Sorrel; Humphreys' brigade, Captain John H. Hobart; Kershaw's brigade, Captain Charles R. holes; Weisiger's brigade, Captain W. E. Cameron; B. R. Johnson's old brigade, Captain J. M. Pace; Lane's brigade, Captain E. J. Hale, jr.; J. R. Cooke's brigade, Capt H. A. Butler; Pegram's brigade (now under Lilley), Captain R. T. Daniel, jr.; Godwin's brigade (formerly Hoke's), Captain J. M. Richardson; Bryan Grimes' brigade, Captain W. L. London; R. D. Johnston's brigade, Captain D. P. Halsey; Young's brigade, Capts. W. L. Church, Thomas Boyd Edelin; McCausland's brigade, Capts. N. Fitzhugh, George H. Eyster; Ramseur's brigade (now W. R. Cox's), Captain Seaton Gales; Wickham's brigade, Captain Peter Fontaine, C. I. Harvie; Barringer's brigade, Capts. j. L. Gaines, Chiswell Dabney; Imboden's brigade, Captain C. S. Morgan, F. b. Berkeley; Wright's brigade (now under General Sorrel), Captain H. H. Perry; Thomas' brigade, Captain William Norwood; J. R. Davis' brigade, Captain J. J. Evans; McGowan's brigade, Captain L. C. Haskell; MacRae's brigade, Captain Louis G. Young; York's brigade (formerly Hays' and Stafford's), Captain w. J. Seymour; C. A. Evans' brigade, capt. Edward Hull; William Terry's brigade, Captain R. J. Barton; battle's brigade, Captain A. H. Pickett; Philip Cooke's brigade (formerly Doles' brigade), Captain F. T. Snead; Wise's brigade, Captain J. H. Pearce; Rosser's brigade, Captain John. W. Emmett, R. B. Kennon; Butler's brigade, Capts. R. Lowndes, J. N. Lipscomb; Lomax's brigade, Capts.