War of the Rebellion: Serial 089 Page 1195 Chapter LIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Major General JOHN B. GORDON.

Evans' Brigade.

Brigadier General CLEMENT A. EVANS.

13th Georgia, Captain D. A. Kidd.

26th Georgia, Major Benjamin F. Grace.

31st Georgia, Colonel John H. Lowe.

38th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel Philip E. Davant.

60th Georgia, Captain John Y. Bedingfield.

61st Georgia, Captain Eliphalet F. Sharp.

12th Georgia Battalion, Captain George W. Johnson.

Hays' Brigade.

Lieutenant Colonel DAVID ZABLE.

5th Louisiana,

6th Louisiana,

Major William H.

7th Louisiana,


8th Louisiana, Captain Louis Prados.

9th Louisiana, Captain Cornelius Shively.

Terry's Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM TERRY.

2nd Virginia,

4th Virginia,

5th Virginia,

Colonel Abraham Spengler.*

27th Virginia,

33rd Virginia,

21st Virginia,

25th Virginia,

Colonel William A. Witcher.+

42nd Virginia,

44th Virginia,

48th Virginia,

10th Virginia,

23rd Virginia,

Lieutenant Colonel Dorilas H. L. Martz. ++

37th Virginia,

Stafford's Brigade.&

1st Louisiana,

Lieutenant B. Goll.

14th Louisiana,

2nd Louisiana, Captain A. S. Blythe.

10th Louisiana,

15th Louisiana,

Lieutenant J. B. W. Penrose.

Sharpshooters [Company D, 1st Louisiana Volunteers]. Lieutenant R. B. Joyce.


Major General JOSEPH B. KERSHAW.


2nd South Carolina.

3rd South Carolina.

7th South Carolina.

8th South Carolina.

15th South Carolina.

20th South Carolina.

3rd South Carolina Battalion.

Wofford's Brigade.

Colonel C. C. SANDERS.

16 Georgia, Major John H. Skelton.

18th Georgia, Colonel Joseph Armstrong.

24th Georgia, Colonel C. C. Sanders.

3rd Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters, Lieutenant Colonel Nathan L. Hutchins, jr.

Cobb's Legion, Lieutenant Colonel Luther J. Glenn.

Phillips Legion, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Hamilton.

Humphreys' Brigade.


13th Mississippi, Captain Hugh D. Cameron.

17th Mississippi, Lieutenant Joel W. Lewellen.

18th Mississippi, Lieutenant William Baskin.

21st Mississippi, Major William H. Fitz Gerald.

Bryan's Brigade.


10th Georgia, Colonel Willis C. Holt.

50th Georgia, Colonel Peter McGlashan.* *

51st Georgia, Colonel Edward Ball.* *

53rd Georgia, Colonel James P. Simms.


*Stonewall Brigade.

+J. M. Jones' brigade.

++Steuart's brigade.

&Under command of Lieutenant Colonel David Zable.

||Belonging to First Corps, but temporarily serving in Army Valley District.

#Brigade inspection report October 29 gives Major James M. Goggin as the commander; regimental commanders not indicated on original report.

**Reported absent wounded, and actual commanders of their regiments not stated.