War of the Rebellion: Serial 089 Page 0985 Chapter LIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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same; all accouterments for artillery, cavalry, and infantry; all horse equipments and harness for cavalry and artillery; all ammunition, fixed or partially made up; all cartridge-bags, filled or unfilled; cartridges for all kinds of small-arms; fuses, lead, and lead bullets; rockets and all articles of pyrotechny; percussion caps and primers; powder of all kinds; all machines for hoisting or working artillery; all cloth, paper, rope, thread, wax, and other working material for making ammunition for cannon or small-arms; all copper, iron, steel, and articles of iron-monger required for military purposes; all leather and materials for manufacturing accouterments and equipments; all timber and lacquer; veterinary implements and horse medicines for artillery in any way used in the manufacture of powder, fire-works, incendiary composition, or laboratory stores; together with all smiths', carpenters', and saddlers' tools; models and gauges of all description used in the fabrication or repair of any of the foregoing articles and material; coal of all kinds; forage, grain, provisions; stationary, barracks and hospital furniture; means of transportation, wagons, carts, ambulances, horses, mules, oxen, locomotive engines, railroad stock and machinery; paints, oils, glass, and materials for building barracks and hospitals; mechanics' tools, axes, spades, shovels, picks, crowbars, and all intrenching and mining tools; iron and steel portable saw-mills, mills for grinding corn, and steam engines; men's clothing of all kinds, military equipments, camp and garrison equipage, cotton, wool, and mixed fabrics; all manufactured parts of any of the above, and all materials, tools, and machinery for their manufacture; boats, oars, anchors, cables, telegraph wire; maps; military, medical, surgical, and chemical books; wrapping and drawing paper; apparatus and material for photographing; lithographic stones; paper and printing presses, and materials, furniture, and bedding of all kinds.


Major-General and Chief of Staff.

CITY POINT, VA., December 13, 1864. (Received 5.33 p.m.)

General MEADE:

Will your please give me a summary of Warren's operations on the expedition from which he has just returned.



HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF THE POTOMAC, December 13, 1864-6 p.m.

Lieutenant-General GRANT:

I have received no report from General Warren other than the dispatch already transmitted to you.* I have called on him for one more in detail.




*See p.951.