War of the Rebellion: Serial 089 Page 0812 OPERATIONS IN SE.VA. AND N.C. Chapter LIV.

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Peebles' House, Before Petersburg, Va.,

Numbers 309.

December 5, 1864.

* * * * *

4. The major-general commanding the Army of the Potomac, having received medals of honor for the under-mentioned men of this command, proposes to present medals in person. Accordingly, the regiments to which these medals belong will be marched to the vicinity of these headquarters, and formed on ground to be designated by a staff officer, with the men who are to receive the medals in front, at the hour of 12 m. to-morrow, at which time the presentations will be made. Division and brigade commanders are invited to be present.


Sergt. W. Westerhold, Company G, Fifty-second New York Volunteers.

Sergt. George H. Dore, Company D, One hundred and twenty-sixth New York Volunteers.

Private Jerry Wall, Company B, One hundred and twenty-sixth New York Volunteers.

Private George W. Harris, Company B, One hundred and forty-eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers.


Sergt. Major W. B. Hincks, Fourteenth Connecticut Volunteers.

Private Elijah W. Bacon, Company F, Fourteenth Connecticut Volunteers.

Corpl. Christopher Flynn, Company K, Fourteenth Connecticut Volunteers.

Private John B. Mayberry, Company F, First Delaware Volunteers.

Private John H. Weeks, Company H, One hundred and fifty-second New York Volunteers.

Corpl. Joseph H. De Castro, Company I, Nineteenth Massachusetts Volunteers.

Sergt. Benjamin H. Jellison, Company C, Nineteenth Massachusetts Volunteers.

Corpl. M. C. Hanscom, Company F, Nineteenth Maine Volunteers.

Private Lewis Rounds, Company C, Fourth Ohio Volunteers.

Private Lewis Morgan, Company I, Fourth Ohio Volunteers.


Private Oliver P. Rood, Company B, Twentieth Indiana Volunteers.

Sergt. William P. Thompson, Company G, Twentieth Indiana Volunteers.

Private Archibald Freeman, Company E, One hundred and twenty-fourth New York Volunteers.

Private Philip Schlachter, Company F, Seventy-third New York Volunteers.

Private Francis A. Bishop, Company C, Fifty-seventh Pennsylvania Volunteers.

Corpl. Charles L. Russell, Company H, Ninety-third New York Volunteers.