War of the Rebellion: Serial 089 Page 0655 Chapter LIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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troops are so green that he thinks that he cannot re-establish his picket-line with them. I have directed 500 men from the Tenth Corps to be sent to him, to march as soon as possible. Can you send 500 more? If so, please start them at once.




Brigadier-General Heckeman, commanding Second Division, will send the men in accordance with above dispatch.

By command of Brevet Major-General Weitzel:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


General GRAHAM:

What was that affair last night? What is your loss? Have you the picket-line again?


Brevet Major-General.

HDQRS. PROVISIONAL DIVISION, ARMY OF THE JAMES, In the Field, Va., November 18, 1864.

Brevet Major-General TERRY,

Commanding Army of the James:

GENERAL: The attacking force entered on the right of the field in front of Battery Anderson, dividing the force, swept the picket-line right and left, and captured the posts on the open field in front of Battery Marshall-about forty men. The force that went toward the right of our line captured four or five posts, and upon the first shot from the enemy the picket-line fell back, many of the men dropping their muskets, and ran back to the main works without firing a shot. The line was re-established on the right of the open space in the old rifle-pits, which are held. The picket-line on the felt of the open space fell back on Redoubt Dutton; that line has also been re-established up to the field in front of Battery Marshall. The line connects from there with the line in front of Redoubt McConihe, being about 200 yards in the rear of the old line. During the night the enemy leveled the rifle-pits in front of Battery Marshall. Early this morning we attempted to establish the line in front of Battery Marshall, but upon the first fire the line turned and ran without firing a shot. From observations, both last night and this morning, I am convinced that no dependence can be placed on these troops as pickets, and I have little faith in them behind breast-works. Colonel Kaufman, Two hundred and ninth Pennsylvania Volunteers, and Captain Bedee, of Colonel Potter's staff, are missing, and are supposed to be captured. One officer and three or four men have been wounded.

I am, general, &c.,