War of the Rebellion: Serial 089 Page 0541 Chapter LIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Numbers 193. New Berne, N. C., November 6, 1864.

I. Colonel J. Frankle, Second Massachusetts Artillery, with three companies of his regiment, will at once proceed to Plymouth, N. C., and occupy the place. Colonel Frankle will report by letter to Colonel Wardrop, commanding Sub-District of the Albemarle, at Roanoke Island, on his arrival at Plymouth. Ten day's rations will be carried, and if, at the expiration of that time, no other orders are received, as much more will be drawn from the acting commissary of subsistence at Roanoke Island as Colonel Frankle may deem proper. Each company will take with it the full regulation supply of camp and garrison equipage, including shelter-tents, axes, shovels, &c. The assistant quartermaster has been directed to send two six-mule teams with this detachment, and the duty of the command will be to not only occupy the position but to place the works in as defensible a condition as practicable. Colonel Frankle will confer with the naval commander concerning the heavy ordnance and ammunition. Should any house be found near the works suitable the garrison in, they can be used as barracks, otherwise the shelter-tents must be used. All necessary policing to make the surroundings of the garrison healthy will be done immediately. No houses or buildings of any kind that are in good condition will be disturbed, but should the command return to New Berne Colonel Frankle is authorized to bring away from the houses already destroy sash, doors, shingles, &c., for his own use at New Berne. The same transportation that takes this detachment to Plymounth will bring back to Roanoke Island the troops now there. Colonel Frankle will see that this is done promptly.

II. Colonel J. Frankle, Second Massachusetts Artillery, is hereby constituted military governor of Plymounth, N. C.

III. Colonel J. Frankle, Second Massachusetts Artillery, having been constituted military governor of Plymouth, N. C., he will turn over the command of his regiment to his next in rank, and the regimental headquarters will remain in the Sub-District of New Berne.

IV. Great credit is due the clerks and orderlies at these headquarters and at headquarters Sub-district of New Berne for their successful efforts in saving from the flames the records of the assistant adjutant-generals' offices at both headquarters. As a reward for their gallantry the chief provost-marshal will pay each and every one of them $5 from the provost fund.

By command of Brigadier General I. N. Palmer:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

CITY POINT, VA., November 7, 1864-3 p. m.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War, Washington:

Unless you insist on it, I will make no report to go before Congress. This campaign not being ended whilst Richmond is in the possession of the enemy, I could not properly make a report further than is embraced in subordinate reports now in the Department at Washington without giving information that would be valuable to the enemy. I also doubt the propriety of my absenting myself from here for five or six days, as I should have to do to make a report.