War of the Rebellion: Serial 089 Page 0483 Chapter LIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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cordance with your wish that I should state what I consider as appropriate dates for the appointments, I respectfully recommend that the appointments of the following-named officers, for whom brevets are asked for distinguished services rendered prior to the adjournment of the last session of Congress, be given the date of August [1], 1864, viz:

To be major-generals by brevet: Brigadier Gens. Francis C. Barlow, Alexander S. Webb, S. W. Crawford, Charles Griffin, Romeyn B. Ayres, Robert B. Potter, Orlando B. Willcox, D. McM. Gregg.

To be brigadier-generals by brevet: Cols. James A. Beaver, One hundred and forty-eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers; J. W. Hofmann, Fifty-sixth Pennsylvania Volunteers; Richard Coulter, Eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteers; Frederick Winthrop, Fifth New York Veteran Volunteers; C. S. Wainwright, First New York Artillery; William Humphrey, Second Michigan Volunteers; B. C. Christ, Fiftieth Pennsylvania Volunteers; J. K. Sigfried, Forty-eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers; J. Irvin Gregg, Sixteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry; Charles H. Smith, First Maine Cavalry.

To be colonels by brevet: Lieutenant Cols. C. H. Morgan, assistant inspector-general; Francis A. Walker, assistant adjutant-general; Frederick T. Locke, assistant adjutant-general; William A. Throop, First Michigan Veteran Volunteers; H. C. Bankhead, assistant inspector-general; Samuel Wilson, Eighth Pennsylvania Cavalry; J. P. Brinton, Second Pennsylvania Cavalry.

To be lieutenant-colonels by brevet: Majs. J. G. Hazard, First Rhode Island Artillery; William G. Mitchell, aide-de-camp to Major-General Hancock.

To be majors by brevet: Capts. H. H. Bingham, One hundred and fortieth Pennsylvania Volunteers; S. N. Benjamin, Second U. S. Artillery; H. C. Weir, assistant adjutant-general; James H. Hart, First New Jersey Cavalry.

As the battles in which the following-named officers were especially distinguished, and for their good conduct in which they have been brevetted, have taken place since the adjournment of Congress and since August 1, I recommend that the dates of their appointments remain as now arranged:

To be major-generals by brevet: Brigadier Gens. Nelson A. Miles, August 25, 1864; L. Cutler, August 19, 1864.

To be brigadier-generals by brevet: Cols. George N. Macy, Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteers, August 14, 1864; C. Wheelock, Ninety-seventh New York Volunteers, August 19, 1864; A. W. Denison, Eighth Maryland Volunteers, August 19, 1864.

To be colonels by brevet: Lieutenant Colonel K . O Broady, Sixty-first New York Volunteers, August 25, 1864.

To be major by brevet:Captain F. H. Parke, Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry, August 16, 1864.

I advise that the appointment of Colonel H. G. Sickel, One hundred and ninety-eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers, date October 21, 1864, that being the date fixed upon by the Department. Should you decide to confer upon the officers of my staff the brevets asked for them, I request that the appointments be dated August 1, 1864. If not inconsistent with the usages of the Department, I am sure it would be very gratifying to the officers to have the services for which they are brevetted stated in their letters of appointment.

Very respectfully, &c.,


Major-General, Commanding.