War of the Rebellion: Serial 089 Page 0328 OPERATIONS IN SE.VA. AND N.C. Chapter LIV.

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October 24, 1864.

Major-General PARKE, Commanding Ninth Corps:

I am directed to inform you that the contemplated movement will take place Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Orders to that effect will be duly issued. In the meantime the commanding general directs that the troops which are to hold the redoubts and inclosed batteries on the line of the of the Ninth Corps from Fort Fisher to Ford Cummings (Clement house), and picket the front in that space, be assigned and posted. The number required for this duty by your estimate is 1,500 men and 24 guns. This arrangement being made, the rest of your troops and artillery will be massed at convenient points for movement, our of view of the enemy. I have to state for your information that the troops left in the lines should have with them six days' full rations, and the ammunition for artillery and infantry previously prescribed. The troops that march will take three days' full rations in haversacks, and three days' bread and small rations in knapsacks. Three days' beef will be driven. Sixty rounds of ammunition will be taken on the person; forty rounds infantry ammunition in wagons. The artillery will take 250 rounds, using the caissons of the guns in the inclosed works instead of wagons. One-half the ambulance will go with the troops, and one medicine and one hospital wagon for each brigade. The intrenching tools will be taken. No baggage or headquarters wagons will be allowed, but instead such pack animals as may be absolutely necessary for the rations and tents of officers. All other trains and wagons than those just specified will be sent within the intrenchments covering City Point, under the direction of the chief quartermaster of the army. Clerks, orderlies, and every other man on detached, special, extra, or daily duty, will be armed and sent to the ranks for this operation, unless his services are absolutely necessary out of his regiment on the duties named. Arms and accouterments will be obtained for this purpose. The horses and such caissons belonging to the artillery in the inclosed works as are not taken with the troops will be moved within the line of intrenchment covering City Point. An officer from each corps will be detailed to take charge of them. The whole to be parked with the train of the Artillery Reserve under the designate the number of forges and battery-wagons to accompany the batteries with the troops. The surplus will join the artillery reserve train under the charge of the officer detailed to the horses,&c., of the guns in the redoubts, &c.

With the exception of the first paragraph, this communication is intended to be merely advisory.


Major-General and Chief of Staff.

NOTE.-The same dispatch as the above was sent to General Warren, except that his front was designated as from Battery No. 24 to Fort Conahey.

A. A. H.

HEADQUARTERS NINTH ARMY CORPS, Peebles' House, Va., October 24, 1864.


COLONEL: I wish to make some mention of an act of gallantry that was performed by Sergeant Doyle, of your regiment, during the action