War of the Rebellion: Serial 088 Page 1286 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LIV.

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[Ninth indorsement.]


Signal Hill, September 11, 1864.

Respectfully disapproved.

This brigade has existed as an organization for over two years. We have earned an enviable reputation, both for discipline and good conduct on the field of battle. I have consulted with my officers and men, and they are unanimously opposed to any consolidation or transfer, even temporarily, and express a commendable desire to recruit their shattered ranks. This can be easily accomplished if time and opportunity is given. In my opinion this will be the first Tennessee brigade recruited after our occupation of Middle Tennessee if allowed to remain in its present organization. At present we are on outpost duty in front of Signal Hill and doing good service. When our prisoners-about 500 in number-are exchanged, and our convalescents, sick, and slightly wounded-in number about 450-return, we will have more than an average brigade. All we ask of the Department is to allow us to retain our identity for a time sufficient to demonstrate what energy can do toward recruiting a command, even with or State under the heel of our oppressors. I believe a transfer of this brigade would prove seriously injurious to the service, as already two of my men have deserted to the enemy since this question has been agitated. I doubt can show as many names on their muster-rolls since the commencement of the war, or boast a longer list of killed and wounded, or the names of more battle-fields on their colors, than B. R. Johnson's brigade. Certainly such a record should entitle these veterans to protest against any interference with their identity.


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding 44th and 25th Tennessee Regiments.

[Tenth indorsement.]


Signal Hill, September 13, 1864.

Respectfully disapproved.

Having ascertained the animus of the command respecting the change proposed, I am able to say that there is not an officer or private in the regiment who is not bitterly opposed to consolidation or any change by which the standing of the brigade would be injuriously affected, as it must be in this case of the application be successful.


Captain, Commanding Sixty-third Tennessee Regiment.

[Eleventh indorsement.]


Signal Hill, September 13, 1864.

Respectfully returned disapproved.

Attention called to the indorsements of regimental commanders, from which it will be perceived that the transfer proposed by Brigadier-General Archer is by no means "the desire of this brigade," and this being the ground on which the application is based, we trust that the War Department will see fit to disapprove it and suffer us to retain our identity and remain where we are in the Department of Richmond,