War of the Rebellion: Serial 088 Page 1217 Chapter LIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Major General ROBERT E. RODES.

Daniel's Brigade.a

32nd North Carolina, Colonel Edmund C. Brabble.

43rd North Carolina, Colonel Thomas S. Kenan.

45th North Carolina, Colonel Samuel H. Boyd.

53rd North Carolina, Colonel William A. Owens.

2nd North Carolina Battalion, Major John M. Hancock.

Ramseur's Brigade.b

2nd North Carolina, Colonel William R. Cox.

4th North Carolina, Colonel Bryan Grimes.

14th North Carolina, Colonel R. Tyler Bennett.

30th North Carolina, Colonel Francis M. Parker.

Doles' Brigade.c

4th Georgia, Colonel Philip Cook.

12th Georgia, Colonel Edward Willis.

21st Georgia, Colonel John T. Mercer.

44th Georgia, Colonel William H. Peebles.

Battle's Brigade.

Brigadier General CULLEN A. BATTLE.

3rd Alabama, Colonel Charles Forsyth.

5th Alabama, Colonel Josephus M. Hall.

6th Alabama, Colonel James N. Lightfoot.

12th Alabama, Colonel Samuel B. Pickens.

61st Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel Lewis H. Hill.

Johnston's Brigade.d

5th North Carolina, Colonel Thomas M. Garrett.

12th North Carolina, Colonel Henry E. Coleman.

20th North Carolina, Colonel Thomas F. Toon.

23rd North Carolina, Major Charles C. Blacknall.


Lieutenant General AMBROSE P. HILL.


Sanders' Brigade.

8th Alabama, Colonel Young L. Royston.

9th Alabama, Colonel J. Horace King.

10th Alabama, Colonel William H. Forney.

11th alabama, Lieutenant Colonel George E. Tayloe.

14th alabama, Colonel Lucius Pinckard.

Harris' Brigade.++


12th Mississippi, Captain Sampson Bolter.

16th Mississippi, Captain John S. Lewis.

19th Mississippi, Colonel Richard W. Phipps.

48th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas B. Manlove.

Mahone's Brigade.$

6th Virginia, Colonel George T. Rogers.

12th Virginia, Colonel David A. Weisiger.

16th Virginia, Colonel Joseph H. Ham.

41st Virginia, Colonel William A. Parham.

61st Virginia, Colonel Virginius D. Groner.

Wright's Brigade.//

2nd Georgia Battalion, Major Charles J. Moffett.

10th Georgia Battalion, Captain James D. Frederick.

3rd Georgia, Colonel Edward J. Walker.

22nd Georgia, Colonel George H. Jones.

48th Georgia, Colonel William Gibson.

64th Georgia, Major Walter H. Weems.


*See organization of the Army of the Valley District, August 20 and31, as shown by inspection reports, and published in Vol. XLIII,

Part I. Notes a to d refer to that organization.


aGrimes' brigade.

bWith North Carolina regiments from Steuart's brigade was Cox' brigade.

cCook's brigade.

dIn Ramseur's division.

+Return reports but one general officer present for duty; name not indicated.

++Actual commanders given as shown by inspection reports.

$Colonel Weisiger commanding brigade August 15, according to inspection report.

//Brigadier-General Girardey killed at Keep Bottom.