War of the Rebellion: Serial 088 Page 0972 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LIV.

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September 22, 1864-2.30 p.m. (Received 2.50 p.m.)

Major-General PARKE,

Commanding Ninth Corps:

General Davies, commanding cavalry, is ordered to re-establish the cavalry pickets from Gary's Church to Davenport Church. As soon as they are posted the pickets of the Second Corps from plank road to Davenport Church will be withdrawn. The cavalry are directed to make some connection with the left of your picket-line on the plank road. The detachments of cavalry in front of the infantry line on the main roads will be continued there. The brigade of the Second Corps near the Finn house will be withdrawn.



September 22, 1864-2.30 p.m.

Brigadier-General DAVIES,

Commanding Cavalry, Army of the Potomac:

The necessity for holding the Second Division Cavalry in reserve having passed, the commanding general directs that it be used in picketing. The cavalry will picket from Gary's Church across to Davenport Church, &c., the detachments in front of the infantry pickets between the plank road and the Weldon railroad being maintained. Detachments for a similar purpose should be established on the western front of General Warren. The infantry pickets between the plank road and Davenport Church will be withdrawn as soon as the cavalry pickets are established, of which you will please notify the commanding general of the Second Corps. A suitable connection will be made by the cavalry with the termination of the infantry picket-line on the plank road near Wascher's or Lucado's. You will rearrange the cavalry picket-line in such manner as, in your judgment, may be best adapted to the service required of the cavalry, bearing in mind that a strong reserve should be held on or near the plank road for emergencies. When your arrangements are completed, please report the disposition you have made, accompanied by explanations on one of the photographed maps.


Major-General and Chief of Staff.


September 22, 1864.

Captain H. W. WEIR,

Assistant Adjutant-General:

CAPTAIN: I have the honor to forward the following report of the position and numbers of my pickets established under the last orders from headquarters Army of the Potomac. On the Vaughan road in the western front of the Fifth Corps is a force of 120 men, their reserve stationed at the outside infantry line and their vedettes thrown down the road within sight of the enemy's pickets about one-quarter of a mile. On the Weldon railroad a force of fifty men is posted as a reserve at the outside infantry line, with fifty employed in picketing toward Reams' Station and on the Wyatt road, covering over half a mile to the front.