War of the Rebellion: Serial 088 Page 0722 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LIV.

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of Early, except that one says he heard something said about some of Early's troops having gone to Atlanta. Your dispatch about Mott's line has been attended to.




September 6, 1864.

The following disposition of troops is ordered on the line now being built: The First Division, General Miles commanding, will hold from the left of the plank road (where it will connect with the Ninth Corps) to a point where the line enters the cleared field, in which Colonel Smyth, commanding Second Division, now has his headquarters. The Second Division, Colonel Smyth commanding, will hold from this point to the left of the line, including the fort on the Norfolk road. Colonel Smyth will, however, direct as large a detail as practicable for slashing timber along the line as far as his troops worked to-day, especially at the point where his line leaves the wood near the Widow Smith's house. The stunted pines must be cleared away in this place and as heavy slashing made as practicable. General Miles will recall his details now at work on the right of the plank road and will slash the timber as far as practicable, especially in front of the earth-work located on his line, so as to give the artillery as great a range as possible. If more batteries are available, as is expected, General Miles will be furnished with two or three. Colonel Smith with one and a section, the remainder of the artillery being in reserve. Information being received that the enemy have passed toward our left in strong force, the commanding general hopes the troops will see the necessity of calling on them for unusual exertion essential to their security. A few hours more of such labor as has been performed during the past twenty-four hours will have put the line in a state of defense to render it easy to repulse any attack of the enemy.

By order of Major-General Hancock:


Captain and Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.


September 6, 1864.

The commanding officers of the Third New Jersey Battery (Captain Woerner), G, First New York Artillery (Captain Ames), and First New Hampshire Battery (Lieutenant Chamberlain) will immediately withdraw their batteries to the open field near the Southall house. This is the same field in which the batteries of Captain Brown and Lieutenant Granger now are, and it is just in rear of the line of works that protect the flank. Battery commanders are cautioned to get into the right field. After arriving the batteries can unhitch and unharness, but will be in readiness to move at very short notice.

By command of Captain F. M. Edgell:


Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.