War of the Rebellion: Serial 088 Page 0212 OPERATIONS IN SE.VA. AND N.C. Chapter LIV.

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CITY POINT, VA., August 16, 1864-10 p.m.

Major-General MEADE:

From here it sounds as if there was heavy musketry firing on your front. Is it so? Is it not probable that the movement of the enemy toward his right this evening was in anticipation of a flank movement by you?



CITY POINT, VA., August 16, 1864-10.15 p.m.

Major-General MEADE,

Commanding, &c.:

Your dispatch of 7.45 just received. I would not move Warren until we are assured of further movements of the enemy. I think the changes reported by the signal officer on the plank road either indicate an intention to attack your or is in anticipation of a flank movement to our left.



HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF THE POTOMAC, August 16, 1864-10.30 p.m.

Lieutenant-General GRANT:

There is no musketry firing on my front, except the usual picket-firing. The movement of the enemy reported is, I think, undoubtedly a weakening of his extreme right, probably with a view of re-enforcing to the north of the James. The question with me was whether he had so weakened himself as to render an attack by Warren likely to be followed by any material advantages, because, so long as he holds his present lines we cannot do anything to assist Warren's movements. I am waiting to have your views. Warren has been ordered to be ready to move at 3 a.m., but the final order has not yet been sent. Just as I had completed the foregoing, your dispatch of 10.15 arrived. I hardly think the enemy will attack, but this movement is either to prepare for a flank movement on my part as you surmise, or else it is to re-enforce to the north of the James.





August 16, 1864.

Major-General HUMPHREYS,

Chief of Staff:

GENERAL: The following deserters have just been forwarded:Two from the Eighth Florida, came in at 6.30 p.m. 15th instant; one from the Tenth Florida, came in at 3 a.m. 16th instant; one from the Forty-eighth Mississippi, came in at 6 p.m. 15th instant; one from the Sixty-first Virginia, came in at 5.30 a.m. 16th instant. They are all from Mahone's division, of A. P. Hill's corps, and represent Weisiger's, Harris', and Finegan's brigades. They state that all of Mahone's division is in our front excepting two brigades, Wright's and Perrin's, which they think