War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 1026 OPERATIONS IN SE.VA. AND N.C. Chapter LIV.

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The following is a list of officers captured: Major J. M. Reece, Fourth Battalion; Captain J.r. Gaither, Company B, Eighth Battalion; First Lieutenant J. M. Lawrence, Company B, Eighth Battalion; First Lieutenant M. G. Tuttle, Company C, Eighth Battalion; Second Lieutenant G. W. Yancey, Company C, Fourth Battalion; Second Lieutenant C. B. Pfohl, Company B, Fourth Battalion. The following is a list of officers and men who escaped captured: Captain A. L. Lancaster, Company B, Fourth Battalion; First Lieutenant G. R. White, Company A, Eighth Battalion; Second Lieutenant Amos Guy, Company A, Eighth Battalion; Third Lieutenant S. P. Steele, Company A, Eighth Battalion; Sergt. Major E. A. Shelton, Fourth Battalion; Privates William Dunlap, Company A, Eighth Battalion; R. F. Millsaps, Company A, Eighth Battalion; J. Graham, Company B, Eighth Battalion; T. Martin, Company B, Eighth Battalion.

Hoping you will excuse this hurried report, I have the honor to be, colonel, your obedient servant,


First Lieutenant Company D, Fourth Battalion.

[Colonel J. K. CONNALLY.]

[First indorsement.]

Respectfully forwarded through General Whiting to General Bragg.


Colonel, Commanding Senior Reserves.

[Second indorsement.]

HEADQUARTERS, Wilmington, January 5, 1865.

Respectfully forwarded.

It appears that this battalion, which, in consequence of a report that Smith's Island was threatened, had been ordered by myself Saturday night to Battery Buchanan for transportation to Bald Head to replace troops withdrawn from there; finding no boat available, was ordered by Colonel Tansil to report back to Colonel Lamb; this Major Reece never did. He seems to have proceeded without orders by the left of Confederate Point along the river-bank abandoning the redoubt and bluff where he was covered. I was not informed of any of the circumstances, and supposed he had gone on to join the supporting force at Sugar Loaf, which he might readily have done. From the within report and information of prisoners the surrender was shameful cowardice, he having given up to a captain and five or six men who were reconnoitering, and whom he had to go in search of to do so. The accompanying report* is the last received from Major Reece. It shows 250 present for duty on the 20th. Whether so many fell into the enemy's hands on the 26th I have no means of knowing. With regard to the taking of a small party at Battery Anderson I presume General Kirkland can furnish a report.

Very respectfully,




*Not Found.