War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 1020 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N.C. Chapter LIV.

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most terrific bombardment. As soon as they came in good range of this battery we opened on them. Your orders in regard to firing slowly and deliberately were strictly observed. At sunset the fleet hauled off. We expended fourteen bolts and nine percussion-shells. Passed Midshipman Clarence Cary was slightly wounded and two men seriously wounded by fragment of shell. At about 10.30 on the 25th instant the enemy's fleet came up in the same order of battle, and when within range we opened as on the preceding day. At 2 p.m. several vessels lowered boats and sent them toward the bar, when Passed Midshipman Berrien was ordered to open on them, and they were soon driven back. At 2.30 p.m. gun No. 1, commanded by Midshipman Cary, burst at the third discharge, disabling the carriage and wounding several men. At about 4 p.m. gun No. 2, commanded by Passed Midshipman Berrien, burst at the eighth discharge. At sunset the fleet hauled off. We expended five bolts and six shells. Lieutenant Dornin and fourteen men were wounded. The distance and frequently the smoke prevented us from observing the effect of our shot on the enemy. Two vessels were toward out of action during the engagement.

The conduct of our officers and men throughout is worthy of all praise. Passed Midshipman Clarence Cary and F. M. Berrien are young officers of superior intelligence, zeal, and gallantry, and should they be again associated with you on duty, I take pleasure in recommending them highly for any duty you may be pleased to assign them.

Quarter Gunner A. Wright behaved with remarkable coolness and gallantry.

Lieutenant T. L. Dornin, C. S. Navy, was with us during the bombardment at a volunteer until receiving a very painful wound in the foot at the bursting of the first gun. His officer-like bearing was remarked by all present.

I beg leave to state that every precaution was taken in serving the gun, being well scraped and sponged before the action a commenced, and during the bombardment was sponged three or four times before firing.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant.


First Lieutenant, Provisional Navy, C. S.

Colonel WILLIAM LAMB, C. S. Army,

Commanding Fort Fisher, &c.

No. 28. Report of Brigadier General William W. Kirkland, C. S. Army, commanding brigade.

HEADQUARTERS, Sugar Loaf, December 30, 1864.

COLONEL: I have the honor to make the following report of the operations of my command between the 23rd and 25th of December inclusive:

I reached Wilmington about midnight of the 23rd with the Seventeenth and Forty-second and 100 men of the Sixty-sixth North Carolina Regiments, of my brigade, in all 1,300 effective. By order Major-General Whiting, I bivouacked the remainder of the night at Dam No. 2, and shortly after sunrise on the 24th took up the line of march for