War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 1017 Chapter LIV. OPERATIONS AGAINST FORT FISHER, N.C.

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No. 23. Report of Captain Daniel Patterson, Thirty-sixth North Carolina Regiment (Second North Carolina Artillery).

Report of Company H, Thirty-sixth Regiment North Carolina Troops, during the bombardment of Fort Fisher on the 24th and 25th of December, 1864:

Number of guns under my command, five - one 10-inch columbiad, two single-banded rifles, one double-banded rifle, one 32-pounder smooth-bore.

[December] 24, 10-inch columbiad fired fifteen solid shot; single-banded rifle fired thirty-two bolts; double-banded rifle fired sixteen shot and thirty-six shell; single-banded rifle fired one bolt elevating [screw] got out of fix, cold not fire any more. Thirty-five pounder smooth-bore fired twelve solid shot and one shell.

[December] 25, 10-inch columbiad fired forty-five solid shot; single-banded rifle fired nineteen bolts; double-banded rifle fired sixteen bolts and two shell; second single-banded rifle fired one bolt; elevating screw broke. Double-banded rifle, brace and upright of the carriage slightly damaged. Thirty-two pounder smooth-bore, rim knocked off one wheel. The entire fleet was in sight of my guns; number not known. They were of all classes engaged. General effect not known. Several vessels struck by several guns. The firing cannon and musketry occurred at my battery during the night of the 25h.

Fired from my guns fifty rounds of canister and six of grape. None of the enemy captured; I hope some killed. I saw the advance of the enemy on land.

No conspicuous case of gallantry, except when a shell from the enemy fell on the platform of the double-banded rifle, the fuse was put out by Private John Turner, and the shell thrown off platform by Private J. H. Brisson.

No particular incidents, except as above mentioned.

Three guns lost by effect of the enemy's shot.*

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain, Company H.

No. 24. Reports of Captain William F. Brooks, Thirty-sixth North Carolina Regiment (Second North Carolina Artillery.)

MOUND, December 29, 1864.

COLONEL: I respectfully forward the following in answer to your questions of the 28th instant for Saturday:

The guns assigned to my command on Saturday were two 10-inch columbiads at Hedrick's battery, and 10-inch columbiad and 6.4-inch Brooke gun on mound.

At Hedrick's battery left-hand gun discharged --- solid shot, --- shell, right-hand gun nine shell, seven solid shot, and one grape.

Mound, 10-inch gun, six solid shot and twelve shell; Brooke gun, six bolts and sixteen shell.

Casualties, none.

Damage to guns and carriage none.


*Nominal list of casualties embodied in this report, shows 1 officer, 2 sergeants, and 12 privates wounded.