War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 1016 OPERATIONS IN SE.VA. AND N.C. Chapter LIV.

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shot and twenty times with shell - total, forty-one times; fired another 10-inch columbiad twenty-five times with shot; fired pulpit 10-inch columbiad thirty-five times with shot.

Number of casualties, 8 wounded.

Muzzle of Blakely was slightly broken with fragment of shell. Two sponges were broken by enemy's shells at one of the 10-inch guns. Pulpit 10-inch columbiad was dismounted; supposed to have been done by a shell from the enemy's gun bursting near the muzzle and setting fire to the charge with which it was loaded, the gun being in gear and in the act of being run in battery. The epaulement in front of 10-inch columbiad was torn down by shell bursting as it passed through.

About fifty vessels were in sight from my guns, viz, six frigates and Ironsides, two monitors, and forty-one gun-boats of various classes.

The wheel-house of one frigate was struck by a shot from 10-inch columbiad. Other vessels were struck. Damage not known.

Nothing unusual occurred at the batteries at night. No grape nor canister fired.

Neither captured nor killed and of the enemy on land.

Saw no advance of the enemy by land.


Captain Company F, Thirty-sixth North Carolina Troops.

Report of second day's fight at Fort Fisher, December 25:

I had the following-named guns under my command: One 10-inch mortar, one 8-inch Blakely, one 8-inch and one 10-inch columbiad.

Fired 8-inch columbiad with grape and canister twenty-three rounds; fired 8-inch Blakely with shell seventeen rounds; fired 10-inch columbiad with nine shot and two shells - total, eleven times; fired 10-inch mortar fourteen tines with shell.

Only 1 man wounded.

No damage done the guns, but carriage of 10-inch columbiad was shattered by shell. The props and rear transom of Blakely were broken to pieces by part of shell.

My guns would bear on twenty vessels - three frigates and seventeen other wooden gun-boats of different classes.

The Blakely struck and drove off two frigates. Several shells from mortar burst in midst of a cluster of wooden gun-boats. Effect not known, but they soon scattered. One shell from mortar feel on deck of wooden vessel before explosion. Smoke was soon seen to rise from same, but whether it burst is not known.

Firing of grape and canister at night is included in account of firing of 8-inch columbiad mentioned above.

Neither captured nor killed any enemy on land that I know of.

The enemy's sharpshooters were seen advancing in front of the land face just before twilight.

The Austrian rifles destroyed by enemy's shells.


Captain Company F, Thirty-sixth North Carolina Troops.