War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 1013 Chapter LIV. OPERATIONS AGAINST FOR FISHER, N.C.

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No. 20. Reports of Lieutenant Daniel R. Perry, Thirty-sixth North Carolina Regiment (Second North Carolina Artillery).

CONFEDERATE POINT, Fort Fisher, N. C. December 29, 1864.

COLONEL: I have the honor to transmit the following report of the part my company took in the engagement of the 24th of December, 1864:

Answer to question 1. Five guns - one 10-inch and four 8-inch columbiads.

Answer to question 2. Ten-inch, twenty-three - one shell and twenty-two solid shot; No. 1 (8-inch), thirty-six solid shot; No. 2 (8-inch), sixteen solid shot; No. 3 (8-inch), forty-three shot; No. 4, twenty-four shots.

Answer to question 3. Eight non-commissioned officers and privates wounded.

Answer to question 4. Ten-inch, carriage injured by shell, but not rendered entirely useless; No. 2 (8-inch), rendered entirely useless by shell.

Answer to question 5. Twenty-six - ships, monitors, frigates, sloops, &c.

Answer to question 6. Several ships driven off by shots from my batteries.

Answer to question 7. Nothing particular at night. No grape nor canister used.

Answer to question 8. No enemy captured or killed on land.

Answer to question 9. No advance of enemy by land.

Answer to question 10. Privates W. N. Campbell and Lloyd Barker repeatedly mounted the parapet under a very galling fire.

Answer to question 11. No particular incident occurred at my battery.

Answer to question 12. Lost by enemy's shot 12 small-arms.

Respectfully submitted.


Lieutenant, Commanding Company B, Thirty-sixth North Carolina Troops.



FORT FISHER, N. C., December 29, 1864.

COLONEL: I have the honor to submit the following official report of the part taken by my company in the engagement of the 25th of December, 1864:

Answer to question 1. Four guns - one 10-inch and three 8-inch columbiads.

Answer to question 2. Ten-inch, fifteen solid shot, one shell, and two charges of grape; No. 1 (8-inch), sixteen solid shot, nine charges of grape; No. 3 (8-inch), sixteen solid shot and then disabled; No. 4 (8-inch), twenty-seven solid-shot, one shell, and twelve charges of grape.

Answer to question 4. No. 3 (8-inch) disabled by shell in carriage.

Answer to question 5. Thirty - ships, monitors, frigates, sloops, and gun-boats.