War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 0876 OPERATIONS IN SE.VA. AND N.C. Chapter LIV.

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brigades come over, making Field's full division. In the afternoon Colonel Montague, with four regiments of Pickett's troops, pushes up toward Fort Harrison.

September 30.- During last night Hoke came over with Kirkland's, Clingman's, and Colquitt's brigades and Scales'. After reconnaissance Fort Harrison is attacked by Law, Anderson, and Bratton and Clingman and Colquitt. The attack is repulsed.

October 1. - Dispositions made for taking up a new line. A movement of the enemy to our left up the Darbytown and Williamsburg roads is discovered. Field,with Law's brigade and Montague's four regiments, is hurried off. On arriving at the point we find Moore's and Barton's brigades of reserves in the fortifications and the artillery at work. Montague is left on the New Market road, and Law is posted in the salient on the Darbytown road.

October 2. - Law and Montague are moved back to Chaffin's farm.

October 3 to 5. - No change of note.

October 6. - No change during the day. At night Field and Hoke are taken out of the trenches and sent to the vicinity of Curry's house, on the Darbytown road. Law's brigade was previously sent over to Gary.

October 7. - At sunrise we move down the Darbytown road with Field and Hoke. The former encounters Kautz's cavalry in the exterior trenches. With Anderson's and Bratton's brigades, and Gary and Law on the Charles City road, the cavalry is drawn off, leaving us nine pieces of artillery, ten caissons, and prisoners. Field's division is then thrown to the left on the outside of the exterior line and Hoke on the inside of it. After crossing a thick abatis and an almost impenetrable swamp, the enemy is found in position near the New Market road. Field at once attacks him, and Major Johnson has a spirit artillery combat. Field's attack fails. Hoke cannot get at the enemy out of his trenches and does not move. In the afternoon the troops are posted behind Cornelius Creek. General Gregg killed; Bratton wounded.

October 8 and 9. - Quiet and without change.

October 10.- Field and Hoke move down in front of Cornelius Creek and a line of rifle-pits formed. Gary puts two regiments on the left of Field.

October 11 and 12. - Quiet. Troops occupied in strengthening their defenses.

October 13. - Early in the morning Gary's pickets are driven in on the Charles City road. He has hastily to send for the mounted regiment he had on the Nine-Mile road. A force of the enemy presses Field's left and endeavors to turn it. The Texas and Law's brigades are thrown rapidly to the left of the Darbytown road, and the others moved up to it, Hoke closing in on Field. The day passes in efforts of the enemy to feel our lines or break through them. The enemy's cavalry on the Charles City road disappears, and by night everything is again quiet, the enemy having retired. Gary's two dismounted regiments were sent to him in the morning, two regiments of Bratton relieving them. At night Field has four brigades on left of Darbytown road and Bratton on the right of it, Hoke touching his right, and Colquitt's brigade, of his division, extending to New Market road.

October 14 to 18. - Are all without change of note.