War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 0547 Chapter LIV. THE RICHMOND CAMPAIGN.

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the Squirrel Level road, and after taking position on the left of the First Division to advance in connection with it. The movement was made in a satisfactory manner, and the enemy was found in force occupying a line extending northeast and southwest, covering the Boydton plank road, with artillery in position and infantry behind entrenchments. The losses fell mainly upon the Third Division, Second Corps.

Casualties Third Division, Second Corps, Bvt. Major General G. Mott commanding.

Killed. Wounded.

Command. Officers Men. Officers. Men.

First Brigade ... 3 ... 11

Second Brigade 1 4 5 44

Third Brigade ... 5 1 15

Total 1 12 6 70

Ninth Army Corps.

First Division - ... 1 ... 8

staff and infantry

Second Division - ... 2 ... 6

staff and infantry

Total ... 3 ... 14

Third Division, 1 12 6 70

Second Corps

Total 1 15 6 84


Command. Officers Men. Aggregate

First Brigade ... 14 14

Second Brigade 6 48 54

Third Brigade 1 20 21

Total 7 82 89

Ninth Army Corps

First Division - staff ... 9 9

and infantry

Second Division - staff ... 8 8

and infantry

Total ... 17 17

Third Division, Second 7 82 89


Total 7 99 106

The report of Brevet Major-General Mott is appended. Having developed this force of the enemy, by direction of the major-general commanding, General Mott's and Willcox's divisions were retired, and the line was retained through the Pegram house, connecting with the Fifth Corps on the right, and the left covering the Squirrel Level road at the Clements house. October 3, work was at once commenced on redoubts, rifle-pits, and slashing, nd continued daily.

October 5, General Mott's division was relieved by the Third Division (General Ferrero), and General Mott was instructed to report to his own corps commander. The work on the entrenchments was pushed vigorously. Heavy details were finished by the three divisions. Two redoubts were constructed on the front line, three on the flank, and two on the rear line, with strong infantry parapet connections and heavy slashing in front. October 8, a demonstration was made out the Squirrel Level road to the Hawks house by two brigades of General Willcox's division, and the picket-line along our front was advanced. The enemy was found occupying all the roads coming into the Hawks house position, excepting that on which the troops marched out. General Willcox returned in the evening, having established a new and advanced picket-line.

Casualties in First Division - staff and infantry: 3 enlisted men killed, 13 wounded, 1 missing; total, 17.

I append herewith the reports of division and brigade commanders.

The conduct of the officers and men, with a few rare exceptions, is deserving of high commendation; but it is proper to remark that the great proportion of the new material in the ranks has had a great effect upon the efficiency of the corps as a unit. This new material requires time for drilling and disciplining. In the conscript and substitute we do not find the same elan that displayed itself so gloriously in the