War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 0546 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LIV.

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take up a position on his left. Before this was completed General Griggin succeed in driving the enemy from his intrenched position at the Pebbles house. I then moved rapidly my advance division to his support, and as soon as the other division came up preparations were at once made to follow up the enemy and reach the Boydton plank road if possible. Leaving the enemy's works on the Pebbles farm, we moved northwest through a narrow belt of timber and came to a large opening in which stood the Pegram house, near the eastern edge. The Second Division advanced beyond the Pegram house, facing to the north and entered the timber. The First Division was deployed in support of the Second, having one brigade in support to move to the left, that being, in my opinion, the most exposed and vulnerable part of our line. Orders were then sent to General Potter, commanding the Second Division, to advance and attack, which was promptly done, but the movement was met by an advance of the enemy. The enemy attacked vigorously, and having been re-enforced he overlapped Potter's division and forced it to retire, Griffin's division not having effected the connection with Potter's right. Some considerable confusion ensued, but a new line was at once established, facing north and forming directly in front of the Pegram house. Here the First Division was posted and the Second Division rallied. The enemy's advance was checked by this line, aided by Griffin's division, which had taken position on the right. Night closing in all firing ceased. Orders were received to take up a position along the line of works captured from the enemy, connecting with the Fifth Corps on the right and the left refused, covering the Squirrel Level road at the Clements house. This line was taken up during the night and intrenched.


Killed. Wounded.

Command. Officers. Men. Officers Men.

First Division - 1 12 11 125

staff and infantry

Second Division - 4 47 16 264

staff and infantry

Third Division --- --- --- ---

staff and infantry&

Total infantry 5 59 27 389

Artillery Brigade --- 3 --- 2

Total 5 62 27 391

Missing. Total.

Command. Officers Men. Officers Men. Aggregate.

First Division - 8 188 20 325 345

staff and infantry

Second Division - 37 1,276 57 1,587 1,644

staff and infantry

Third Division --- --- --- --- ---

staff and infantry&

Total infantry 45 1,464 77 1,912 1,989

Artillery Brigade --- --- --- 5 5

Total 45 1,464 77 1,917 1,994


& Not engaged.


During the 1st of October no further advance was made. A heavy rain continued throughout the day. The Third Division, Second Corps, Brevet Major-General Mott commanding, arrived in the afternoon, and was massed in the rear of our main line. On the morning of the 2nd an advance was made for the purpose of developing the force fo the enemy and position of his works. The Second Division was directed to take a position on Pegram house line, the First Division to connect with the left of the Second Division and advance the left of the division, pivoting on the Second Division so as to form a line facing northward, and the Third Division, Second Corps, was instructed to move out on