War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 0545 Chapter LIV. THE RICHMOND CAMPAIGN.

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ground held by the Fifth Corps, extending across the Jerusalem plank road, and refusing on the left as far as the Williams house. After the movement of the Fifth Corps to the Weldon railroad, I sent, by direction of the major-general commanding, on the 19th day of August, three divisions to re-enforce the Fifth Corps, and at the same time held the line of entrenchments with the Fourth Division of this corps and one division of the Second Corps, which was assigned to my command temporarily. The division sent to re-enforce the Fifth Corps arriver most opportunely and rendered great assistance in holding the position. The reports of the division commanders have been forwarded to Major-General Warren, commanding Fifth Corps. The position on the Weldon railroad being secured, by direction of the commanding general I took up the line extending from the Fifth Corps, on the Weldon railroad, to the left of the Second Corps, at the Strong house, near the Jerusalem plank road.

On the 25th day of August, by direction of the commanding general, one division was sent down the plank road to report to Major-General Hancock, then at Reams' Station engaged with the enemy. This division returned on the following morning. The Fourth Division, being relieved from the trenches before Petersburg, joined the corps on the 27th day of August and took up position on the rear line through the Gurley house, extending from the left of the Fifth Corps to the plank road. Heavy details were employed on the entrenchments on both the front and rear lines constructing redoubts, with rifle-pit connections and slashing timber.

On the 1st day of September the First Division, having become much reduced during the campaign, was merged into the Second and Third divisions, giving the corps three instead of four divisions, which were commanded as follows: First (formerly Third), Brigadier General O. B. Willcox; Second, Brigadier General R. B. Potter; Third (colored), Brigadier General E. Ferrero. The corps remained in this position until the 25th day of September, when the First and Second Divisions were withdrawn form the front line, being relieved by a portion of the Fifth Corps on the left and the Third Division on the right. This division was extended along the Second Corps, the First Division held in reserve for this line, while the Second Division was moved to the east of the plank road as a reserve for that portion of the line. On the 28th day of September the Second Division was returned to near its old position and massed preparatory to a movement. On the morning of 30th of September I moved with the First and Second Divisions, following the Fifth Corps out from the Weldon railroad, on the road leading by the Poplar Spring Meeting-House, in pursuance of the following instructions from the major-general commanding:

General Warren is ordered to move out the Poplar Spring Church road and endeavor to secure the intersection of the Squirrel Level road. The commanding general directs that you move out after and co-operate with him in endeavoring to secure a position on the right of the enemy's position. try to open a route across the swamp to vicinity of Miss Pegram's, below Poplar Spring Church, and take post on Warren's left. Gregg will be directed to move out to Wilkinson's.


Major-General and Chief of Staff.

Closing up on the rear of Griffin's division, of the Fifth Corps, at the meeting-house, he being at that time engaged skirmishing with the enemy, I made an examination and started a force to open a road to the left of our present road, in order that I might pass Warren and