War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 0501 Chapter LIV. THE RICHMOND CAMPAIGN.

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by the enemy. They will then bivouac till daylight along the road. All the artillery, ambulances, &c., will be sent to the main train this evening to move with it along the wagon road. General Gregg will proceed along the railroad south. After bivouacking, the spring-wagons can be sent for and the trains will be kept as near the division as possible for that purpose. General Mott will protect the train when it moves and a force of cavalry will watch the rear. The wood along the railroad must be thoroughly consumed, the ties being piled up and the rails places on top when the rails can be separated.

By command of Major-General Warren:


Colonel and Assistant Adjutant-General.

[Inclosure No. 7.]

DECEMBER 8, 1864 - 6 p. m.


You will remain where you are till General Ayres passes you, when you will follow on left in front, looking out for your own rear, through we leave a little cavalry behind us. You will pass the division destroying the railroad, and as soon as you get to any part not destroyed go to work yourself. You will now have to move before 8. a. m.



[Inclosure. Numbers 8.]

[CIRCULAR ORDER.] DECEMBER 9, 1862 - 6 a. m.

The following will be the order of march to-day if not interrupted by enemy:

First. Major-General Griffin will protect the train.

Second. Major-General Mott will move at daybreak and form line of battle, facing west on the first porion of the railroad he reaches not destroyed, and then commence its destruction.

Third. As soon as General Mott passes General Ayres he will follow him and form on his left, and commence destroying the railroad. General Crawford will follow General Ayres, and do the same as he is directed to. A small force of cavalry will give notice to the rear division of movements of the enemy in that section.


Major-General, Commanding.

[Inclosure No. 9.]


December 9, 1864 - 6.15 p. m.

The object of the expedition having been accomplished, the command will commence to return to-morrow. General Gregg will send one brigade, to be at these headquarters at 6 a. m., to precede the command to Sussex Court-House. This will be followed by Griffin's division in charge of the trains. General Ayres will begin to withdraw form his present position at 7 a. m., and will follow General Griffin. General Mott will remain in his present position until General Ayres has passed him, when he will follow. General Crawford will maintain his present position until all the infantry has passed him. General Gregg, with his remaining two brigades, will cover the movement. Each command in marching to-morrow will deploy a strong line of skirmishers well out to the right and left to bring in all those who have straggled from their