War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 0408 Chapter LIV. OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C.

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a piece of second growth pine wood. This fire was concentrated almost entirely on our immediate front. The batteries which could be brought to bear upon the enemy's guns immediately replied to their fire. A short time after the enemy's artillery commanded firing their infantry and dismounted cavalry attacked with great fury that part of the line which the artillery had attempted to shake. Against these troops the batteries which could bear upon them gave their whole attention, using shell and shrapnel until within short range, when they fired rapidly with canister. Almost at the commencement of the assault Lieutenant Brower was killed while bravely fighting his gun in the most gallant manner.

The command of the gun devolved upon Corporal Liddle, who, after firing canister as the enemy came over the works until they had nearly surrounded his, limbered the gun and attempted to bring if off, but part of the horses being instantly killed, he cut the others loose and escaped with them. The other guns of the battery, under the command of Lieutenant Dauchy, were firing canister at the advancing live (the most of the drivers carrying ammunition) until the enemy had broken through the work and were endeavoring to from on the road near the church, when he drew his left gun out of the work and throwing it to the left fired double-shorted canister, and, as soon as our infantry had left the work immediately on his left, threw canister from his other guns down the outside face of the work where the enemy were endeavoring to come. This he did until the enemy had advanced nearly to his guns under cover of the wood to his rear, when he endeavored to limber his guns. With two of them the horses were shot before it could be done. The remaining one succeeded in limbering, and went a short distance down the road, when these horses fell and he was obliged to leave them all.

One the left of the line Batteries A and B, First Rhode Island, and the Tenth Massachusetts were hotly engaged and both were firing rapidly with double-shorted canister, fighting gallantly. Even after the enemy had swept the line back and were completely in their rear they continued to fire, ceasing only when the cannoneers were driven or taken away from the guns.

Lieutenant Perrin commanding A and B, First Rhode Island, a brave and gallant officer, lost his leg by cannon shot, and, with the other officers of the battery, Lieutenants Chase and Spencer, were captured by the enemy at their guns. The officers of the Tenth Massachusetts fortunately succeeded in escaping. When the enemy first broke through the lines I caused the section of Battery C,

First New Jersey, which was near the grove section, and as soon as it could safely be done they opened fire on the enemy's line.

The section on the right near the grove was charged several times, but by a rapid fire of canister repulsed then each time and aided very materially in checking the enemy. Soon after the line had broken the First Division (General Miles) was reformed and gallantly charged the enemy, retaking and holding the greater part of their original line of works and also three of the guns of the buildings, and it was impossible to get it.

Darkness now put an end to the fight. Battery C, First New Jersey, being out of ammunition, was then taken to the rear about one-third of a mile, halted, and its horses brought back to bring off the recap-