War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 0173 Chapter LIV. THE RICHMOND CAMPAIGN.

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yaurd, in addition to superintending the construction of the infantry parapet between Forts Stedman and McGilvery, and on the right of the latter, has also continued to drive the listening gallery and its branches in front of Fort Sedgwick. These works are very nearly completed. Captain Gillespie has made several inspections, and attended to the closing of the gorge of Battery Numbers 5. Lieutenant Phillips is still engaged in assisting General Benham in the construction of the line in front of City Point.

The following extracts from the weekly report made by Lieutenant-Colonel Spaulding, commanding detachment Fiftieth New York Volunteer Engineers, will furnish the nature and extent of the duties which he was directed to perform during that time:

During the past week Lieutenant Taylor, with one company of this command and details of infantry, has built 3,100 feet additional fraise in front of the new line from Fort McGilvery to Fort Stedman, making 3,950 feet of fraise built on that line at this time. By your direction I sent Major Beers this morning with two additional companies of my command to increase the force on this work, with directions to push it as rapidly as possible. If I am correctly informed as to the extent of fraise required on this line, I should say that it might be completed on the left of Fort Stedman and on the right of Fort McGilvery by Monday morning next, provided sufficient details of infantry and teams are furnished to get out the material in the daytime, the work of the engineer troops in placing it being necessarily performed at night. Captain Schenck reported the infantry parapet in rear of Fort Sedgwick and the curtain across the Jerusalem plank road complete last evening. I inclose a rough sketch of this work. I this morning sent Major and Captain McDonald to examine the front line from Fort Wadsworth to Fort Sedgwick to ascertain if there were any weak places in the abatis on this line, and if so, to have it strengthened at these points. Captain Pettes commenced work this morning with one company of this command to extend the abatis around the fort on the left of Fort Wadsworth, so as to inclose the fort. Lieutenant Van Rensselaer is doing the same at the fort on the Squirrel Level road, and Captain McGrath the same at the fort on the Squirrel Level road, and Captain McGrath the same at the fort near the Pegram house. The artillery and infantry roads in rear of the Ninth Corps lines, upon which Lieutenant Van Rensselaer was engaged at the date of my last report, were completed on the 18th instant. On the 19th he was engaged with a small detachment of this command in building a corduroy bridge near headquarters Second Brigade, Third Division, Ninth Army Corps, and to-day he has been occupied with one company of this command in constructing an abatis around the fort built by him on the Squirrel Level road. Captain Hine reports Fort McMahon complete, including bomb-proof and magazine. The only detail employed on this work during the past week was one company of this command. Additional abatis will be placed around this fort on Monday, and roads and bridges built in its vicinity. Captain Van Brocklin estimates at date of last report that the force necessary to complete Fort Stevenson was 800 men for five days, or 4,000 days' work. During the past week the details furnished him have been equal to 1,765 men for one day, leaving about 2,235 days' work still to be performed on the fort, besides the labor of one company of engineer soldiers. At the rate the details have been furnished on this fort for the past three days it will require about ten days more to complete the work. Captain Van Brocklin reports the following as the present condition of this work: "The front completed, except the flooring for the embrasure guns and one barbette gun; the right flank also completed, except the flooring the embrasure guns. The left flank will require about two days to complete. The rear parapet is about three-fourths complete, the banquettes are half done, and the magazine ready for use." Captain Dexter resumed work on Fort Patrick Kelly Thursday of this week with one company o this regiment and an average daily detail of 330 infantry. He reports the parapets, banquettes, and earth-work for the barbette guns completed and the magazine finished. It is expected this work will be finished on Tuesday next.

By command of the major-general commanding, I have prepared a supplement to the "List of field-works, their armaments and garrisons," of the line to the west of the Weldon railroad, and of that in front of City Point. It is now in the hands of the printer. A "Sketch showing the positions of the forts and batteries" is also being made. During the week Lieutenant Lydecker has been engaged in making the linear measurements of the different works, and in attending to the