War of the Rebellion: Serial 087 Page 0089 Chapter LIV. THE RICHMOND CAMPAIGN.

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September 29. - Broke camp and moved to Weldon railroad, on extreme left of infantry, about four miles from Reams' Station; toward evening engaged the enemy on west of railroad. About 9 p. m. fell back on plank road and encamped.

September 30. - Moved down the plank road and picketed both flanks of the road until the morning of October 1.

October 1. - Relieved from picket by the Thirteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry; supported First Brigade near Wyatt's house.

October 2. - Encamped near Wyatt's house.

October 3. - In camp on the Vaughan road until the 4th, when, at 3 p. m., the regiment went on picket on the left of infantry.

October 5. - On picket.

October 6. - Relieved from picket and returned to camp on the Jerusalem plank road.

October 7 and 8. - In camp.

October 9. - Regiment went on picket.

October 12. - Regiment relieved from picket.

October 13 and 14. - In camp.

October 15. - Regiment went on picket.

October 26. - At 8 p. m. withdrew pickets and proceeded toward Weldon railroad; remained during the night near the Yellow House.

October 27. - At daylight moved down the Weldon railroad; thence to the Boydton plank road; engaged the enemy; 1 killed and 4 wounded; in the night fell back on the Weldon railroad.

October 28. - On the Weldon railroad near the Gurley house; returned to former camp on the Jerusalem plank road.

October 29 and 30. - In camp.

October 31. - Went on picket.

November 1 to 6. - On picket and in camp.

November 7. - Regiment went on scout, and returned the same day at 7 p. m.

November 8 to 30. - In camp and on picket.

December 1. - Started on raid to Stony Creek; returned to camp same day.

December 7. - Marched all day and encamped at Sussex Court-House.

December 8. - Marched at 4 a. m., had a slight skirmish with the enemy; 5 men captured.

December 9. - Marched to Belfield Station and encamped.

December 10. - Marched at 4 a. m.; on return encamped at Sussex Court-House.

December 11. - Marched at 11 a. m; encamped at Proctor's house.

December 12. - Returned to camp; one battalion on picket until 11 p. m.

December 14 and 15. - In camp.

December 16. - Moved camp to east side of Jerusalem plank road.


August 1. - In camp near Prince George Court-House.

August 4. - Moved to a point on the Petersburg and Norfolk Railroad with the Twenty-first [Pennsylvania] Cavalry and went on picket.

August 5. - Relieved, and moved to near Light-House Point, marching nearly all night.

August 7. - Went on picket near the Jerusalem plank road, and returned to camp, near Prince George Court-House, August 10.

August 11 and 12. - In camp.